Robin Weninger, Co-Founder and Managing Director of the executive education company Global Institute of Leadership and Technology (GILT), is committed to assisting organisations in addressing the multifaceted challenges of the 21st century.

His series “Leadership In Times of Uncertainty” and his initiatives on “The Infinite Organisation” have positioned him as a sought-after speaker and educator in the domain of leadership and technology. Robin’s explorations into exponential technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technologies, and Blockchain, has allowed him to share invaluable insights at many conferences, as well as offer immersive sessions and workshops that address the ever-changing business landscape. With over 200 lectures and workshops in 30 countries, Robin Weninger has presented the design principles of an infinite organisation to a diverse audience, including business magnates, senior executives, and governmental representatives. He has earned a reputation as a “LinkedIn Top Leadership Voice”.

Robin Weninger lecture topics

  • Leading in time of uncertainty: Deciphering the present to act decisively

In uncertain times, the mettle of a leader is tested. When the way forward is shrouded in ambiguity, it’s not the loudest leaders but the wisest who shine. Dive into this inspiring keynote to understand the art of leading with assurance, even when the odds seem stacked against you. Equip yourself with proven strategies that enable leaders to filter out the cacophony, balance analytical thinking with intuition, and inspire organisations to thrive, not just survive, in volatile conditions.

  • Implications of exponential technologies: Pioneering organisational evolution in the age of disruption

As the trajectory of technological advancement steepens, businesses face transformative challenges and opportunities. This keynote delves into the profound implications of exponential growth in pivotal arenas like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Quantum Technologies. Instead of abstract speculations, this keynote grounds technology explorations into actionable insights, preparing you to strategically embrace these technologies. From forging novel business models to optimising human-machine synergy and reconceptualising work, this session illuminates the path to pioneering innovations within organisations.

  • Learning at the heart of the organisation: Unleashing human potential and cultivating a high-performance culture

For progressive organisations, learning isn’t just a process — it’s a cornerstone of performance and culture. This keynote elucidates the power of intertwining learning and development within the employee experience, sparking an environment that’s not only conducive to growth but makes learning irresistibly compelling. Dive deep into strategies that foster intellectual curiosity, champion the exchange of knowledge, and empower every individual — be it an entry-level associate or a top-tier executive. Drawing from evidence-based practices, this keynote explores how to craft engaging learning spaces and induce optimal states of performance.

  • The infinite organisation: Crafting structures for timeless value

An infinite organisation doesn’t merely survive — it evolves, adapts, and thrives across generations. Prioritising agility, innovation, and continuous learning, such organisations navigate short-term hurdles while nurturing long-term significance. Defined by their fluidity, interconnected intelligence, and adaptive nature, they operate seamlessly within intricate landscapes. More than self-centred entities, the infinite organisation aims to build ecosystems that enrich every stakeholder. Dive into this enlightening keynote to understand how to sculpt organisations as ever-improving dynamic systems, driving sustained value.

More about Robin Weninger

In 2015, Robin Weninger was distinguished by the World Economic Forum as a “Global Shaper” and, two years later, was incorporated into the community of “European Digital Leaders”. That same year, he became the academic director for the premier accredited Master program in Blockchain Technology. His advisory roles span the dHealth Foundation, Zigurat Global Institute of Technology, and the Blockchain Founders Group, among others. From 2017 to 2020, Robin advised multiple projects under the European Commission’s Horizon2020 program and, in 2020, he joined the advisory board for a government hackathon initiated by Germany’s chancellor office.

His contributions also extend to the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) Expert Board. Previously he was the Managing Director of the German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC) in Berlin, where he now serves on its Expert Board. Robin Weninger also co-founded the Norway-based venture capital and advisory firm Njordis and is the academic director of the executive education program “Implications of exponential technologies” at the EBS University.

Robin Weninger’s dedication to education is evident in his faculty board roles at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, the University of Barcelona, and the EU Business School in Geneva. His launch of the Global Blockchain Initiative (GBI) in 2021 saw the roll-out of a blockchain certificate course, benefiting over 6,000 students across 137 countries.

His publications include essays on organisational education in “Philosophy@Work” by Unbound and a segment on business model development in the widely read “Digital Entrepreneurship” by Springer.

Robin Weninger is a graduate of the International School of Management and Regent’s University, and currently resides in Frankfurt, Germany.