Photographic Artist, Adventurer & Painter - The Marlboro Man

The Swiss photographic artist, adventurer and painter Hannes Schmid pursues and lives his visions with tenacity, develops ingenious artistic concepts and overcomes the boundaries of the seemingly feasible. Not many people have succeeded in giving the world an enduring myth and icon.

Hannes Schmid has been instrumental in re-creating and shaping the Marlboro Man, one of the most important fictitious cultural markers of our time, thus evoking a way of life with a global appeal.

Hannes Schmid’s photographs are works of art whose advertising effect and unusual and cleverly designed imagery lingers in the memory.

Hannes Schmid has also had the great and good of the pop and rock world in front of his camera, accompanying some 250 rock bands between 1978 and 1984. His fashion photography is characterised by an atmospheric flair and idiosyncratic composition that arouses a lasting visual craving.

His courage to go and live among cannibals and the exceptional permission to photograph the ritual opera “For Gods Only” he witnessed in Singapore have brought him great success and acclaim.

He is currently channelling his creativity into hyper-realistic paintings of the motifs of his own iconic photography – a further highly professional milestone in this remarkable artist’s exhilarating biography.

Be inspired by Hannes Schmid’s visionary creativity and strength of will.