Besides that Jan Bechler is one of the hosts of the OMR Online Marketing Rockstars, Europe’s largest conference for the digital industry, that brings together over 50.000 visitors from all over the world for two days.

In the past he has been one of the leaders of the digital transformation activities at Axel Springer, Europe’s largest publishing company, which has successfully transformed its business and today generates more than 80% of its revenue from digital.

Jan shares his experience in transforming businesses in a digital world not only in consulting projects but also in his speeches, workshops and presentations.

Besides that his keynote speeches cover mainly all topics from digitization, digital transformation, e-commerce and digital marketing.

Jan Bechler is able to motivate the audience for the upcoming challenges and changes in a digital world. He does not only show why startups are able to enter mainly all industries and attack the existing players, he also helps companies and the visitors of his speeches to create and find their own ways and approaches that enable them to tackle digitization successfully.

Besides his expertise in all fields of digitization Jan used to be a radio DJ during his time at university and knows how to give not only interesting but also entertaining presentations.

All presentations and workshops can be held either in German or English language.

Exemplary presentation topics from Jan Bechler:

  • Disrupt your business: Turn your industry upside down – before others do.
  • Media in the digital world – the news of the future
  • The startup factor – how young companies overtake the old economy (and how it can protect itself against it)
  • Future and trends of the digital world
  • The Human Factor: what challenges digitalization means for your corporate culture (and how to master them)
  • Lean Startup for big corporates: how large companies can take advantage of the mechanisms of the startup world.
  • Online Marketing Basics: Understanding the mechanisms of Google, Facebook and Co. and making them usable for your business.
  • Next step Mobile: What influence do smartphones, tablets and wearables have on media usage and retail?