Marketing guru and sales promotion expert. Topic: Beyond Mediocrity!

Hermann Scherer, MBA, studied business administration with a focus on marketing and sales promotion. He built up his own companies, which were ranked among the top 100 in German retailing after only a short time. At the same time, he became an international management consultant, trainer trainer and Manager of Instruction for the world’s largest training and consulting organization.

Hermann Scherer Lecture Topics

  • Let go, use your potential

Thoughts are like trains – they have to keep moving. With all their might. Instead, however, sometimes regret sets in. Have I thought long enough? Is this the right decision? I have already invested so much. Regretting something is such an unpleasant feeling that resembles chaos and makes one’s performance look bad. Don’t let it bother you. Use this situation, develop a strategy, become a lateral thinker! Use the skills of problem solving, of letting go – and find your passion. Every continuing education can take you further. Discover your true potential!

  • Developing your potential: How to become successful!

Hermann Scherer reveals in his lecture how you can develop your full potential! You doubt your talent or your potential? Then you should throw all negative thoughts overboard right now! Because in the video Hermann Scherer shows you how you can prove your competence with the help of a clever staging.

  • Use your full potential – the path to success

Hermann Scherer is sure: Every person has to find his excellence, his potential. In doing so, he does not want to provoke. With this he says quite pragmatically that everyone must discover his specialization and talent and see and use this as an opportunity. Since the beginning of his career, the author, speaker and entrepreneur has always been hardworking, supporting, accompanying and inspiring people on their way to success. Achieving his goals, goal by goal, was existential for Hermann Scherer. Today, the speaker is primarily concerned with motivation and happiness – without being completely happy.

Beyond mediocrity.

Working with well over 1,000 market leaders such as Audi, BHW, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, DHL Edeka, Focus Magazine, Hilton Hotels, Lufthansa, McKinsey, Microsoft, Siemens have earned him the reputation of a consistently practice-oriented business expert.

The Süddeutsche Zeitung writes: “Hermann Scherer is one of the best in his field. His seminars are in demand – among market leaders and those who want to become one…”. He is one of the TOP 100 Excellent Speakers, has received the Excellence Award several times and Focus magazine counts him among the “success makers”.

Hermann Scherer has held teaching positions at several universities, including the St. Gallen Management Seminar of the Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin with the University of St. Gallen. He is the author of more than 20 books, which have been published in Brazil, Korea and Thailand, among other countries.