Dr. Johanna Ludwig is a surgeon, founder and consultant for digital health. She works as a trauma surgeon and orthopaedic surgeon at the BG Klinikum Unfallkrankenhaus Berlin.

Dr. Johanna Ludwig, a pioneer at the intersection of medical excellence and innovative change, has acquired medical knowledge and human experiences from leading hospitals like the Boston Children’s Hospital to the most remote corners of our planet, such as the island of Kiribati.

This versatile surgeon, founder, and author, with an impressive journey that led her from the prestigious University of Oxford to the ranks of the “30 under 40” expert network selected by the Bertelsmann Foundation, is dedicated to rethinking medical care and education.

Dr. Johanna Ludwig Keynote topics

  • Digitalisation in Medicine

A digital transformation is needed that fundamentally changes healthcare. This pioneering keynote, from the perspective of an experienced clinician, outlines the impressive journey through the possibilities and challenges of digitalisation in the medical sector. It highlights how innovative technologies can enhance patient safety, enable individualised treatment approaches, and increase the attractiveness of medical professions through improved data exchange and more efficient workflows. The focus is on the essential importance of a well-considered and controlled introduction of digital solutions that not only simplify processes in everyday hospital life but also elevate the quality of patient care to a new level. This keynote offers an indispensable perspective for everyone in healthcare who recognises and wants to utilise the potentials of digitalisation for a future-oriented medicine.

  • The Future of Medicine and Digital Health Applications

This keynote impressively demonstrates why digitalisation in medicine is not just an option but a necessity for any future-oriented organisation in the healthcare sector. It clarifies how digital health applications (DiGAs) and legislative frameworks like the Digital Healthcare Act (DVG) open up innovative paths for transitioning from symptom-based treatment to preventive, patient-centred care. The crucial role of leaders is emphasised, as well as how every individual can contribute to a digital and health-promoting work culture. Participants receive practical tips on how to achieve significant improvements in their work environment and how to focus more on digital health literacy in everyday life.

  • Career Decisions

In a world full of possibilities and crossroads, the keynote “Career Paths In & Out of the Clinic” offers a guide for those at significant professional crossroads. Focusing on the medical sector, this keynote paints a comprehensive picture of the various paths one can take after medical school. It sheds light on how external influences, personal preferences, and the inevitable confrontation with the question “What if?” affect our career decisions. The keynote goes beyond traditional career paths, encouraging broadening one’s horizon and courageously considering unconventional routes. The importance of self-reflection, identifying one’s values and interests, and engaging with the concept of Ikigai – finding one’s calling that not only provides satisfaction but is also needed by the world – are highlighted. With practical decision-making tips, from analysing personal strengths to overcoming the fear of the unknown, this keynote offers an inspiring perspective on shaping a fulfilling career aligned with one’s values and goals. A must for anyone at a career crossroads seeking guidance to make conscious, value-based decisions for their future.

  • Competence-Based Medical Education

The future of medicine begins today – with education that paves the way. This leading-edge keynote dives into the essential role of education in the medical sector to address the challenges of modern medicine and sustainably improve patient care. It showcases how competence-based education, rooted in the needs of patients, not only enhances the quality of medical care but also serves as a key factor for the future of medicine. The focus is on developing clear learning objectives, promoting a mentoring culture, and implementing training concepts that support personal and professional development. With practical examples and innovative approaches to quality control and knowledge.

  • Female Empowerment

This concise lecture not only highlights the challenges and barriers faced by women but also sheds light on strategies and tools for self-empowerment and career advancement. From identifying personal strengths and overcoming prejudices to the importance of networking and the strategic use of career opportunities – this talk offers a comprehensive perspective on the necessity of empowering women in all areas of life. With practical advice on how to confidently claim one’s achievements, make prejudices conscious, and achieve a work-life balance, this lecture is a call to action. It’s about creating a culture of recognition and support that encourages women to pursue their goals and overcome barriers. The talk not only provides insights into personal and professional development but also motivates active participation in shaping an inclusive and fair society.

More about Dr. Johanna Ludwig

Dr. Ludwig’s passion for breaking down the barriers between traditional medical practice and the dynamic world of innovation was evident early on when she developed an award-winning e-learning program that illuminated new ways of learning about congenital heart defects. Her curiosity and desire to question existing systems drove her to establish a startup aimed at combining learning, community, and fun in medical education – an initiative that was recognized with the Berlin-Brandenburg Business Plan Canvas Award.

Her commitment extends beyond medical practice: As a co-author of the book “Paths Out of the Clinic – Careers Beyond the Bedside” – (in german: Wege aus der Klinik: Der Ratgeber für Karrieren abseits des Krankenbetts), she inspires bold career decisions. Simultaneously, as a consultant and member of various professional bodies, she advocates for the integration of digital solutions into healthcare, aiming to improve patient care and relieve medical professionals.

She has developed an interdisciplinary parlour game for medical professionals: Asystole. The game not only helps with the mindless memorisation of medical terms, but also promotes social interaction in a humorous way while learning together.

Dr. Johanna Ludwig, whose work has been honored with prestigious awards such as the Müller Osten Prize of the German Society for Surgery, represents a new era of medicine where innovation, digital technologies, and a holistic view of healthcare are not just tolerated but celebrated. In her inspiring talks, she shares her vision of a medical future where empowerment, personal development, and an innovative approach to healthcare are central.