Sibylle Barden-Fürchtenicht is a journalist, commentator, and keynote speaker on politics and socio-economics.

She is the author of three books. Her latest political novel „Der Honiganzeiger“ (2019, „The Honeyguide“) was selected by the Frankfurt Book Fair as “one of 8 revolutionary books recommended for film adaptation”. Business leaders and media have referred to it as the “Wake up call for Europe.”

Sibylle Barden lecture topics

  • Stakeholder Capitalism
  • ESG Implementation and UN SDG
  • The Great Reset
  • The Global Transformation

Sibylle Barden is a champion of the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” initiative. Her podcast “Der Große Neustart” has featured as the #1 Apple non-profit podcast in Germany.

Since the global financial crisis, she has been an advocate for the reform of capitalism and a new financial system. In 2012 she co-initiated, with The Economist Group, a global research project on how to improve the financial industry. Her 2018 book “How do we want to live?” calls for a Global Marshall Plan, which includes advocacy for the widespread use of stakeholder capitalism.

She is a Member of the Board of Trustees at the Cologne Forum for International Relations and Security Policies. Sibylle Barden holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from The OU Business School, London, and is a trained journalist.

The author provides regular commentaries and interviews for media. Her series of essays “Winners and Losers after Covid-19” has been widely distributed across German-speaking media. These and other articles have appeared in publications such as Capital, Stern, Fair Economics, Designforschung, Bildzeitung, Mannheimer Morgen, or Umweltdialog.