Digital Transformation / Digital Disruption

The digital transformation is with certainty one of the most defining forces to have shaped this era. Digital technologies allow people to work together with ever increasing speed, efficiency and effectiveness. Anyone who is nowadays relying solely on e-mail for the internal team coordination of their tasks could almost be said to be working with outdated methods. More and more tools are networked in real time, enabling a collaborative, smart way of working. Are you looking for someone who has the expertise to give a talk on the topic of the digital transformation? Our keynote speakers are digital visionaries, futurologists and technology experts. Decide which insights on this topic are of most interest to you and book the relevant person as a speaker, moderator or coach. You will be surprised by the opportunities presented by the digital transformation!

Popular speakers

Tania de Jong

Expert on Innovation, Creativity & Collaboration

Luca Emilio Wilms

International Affairs & USA, Expert on generation Z

Manuel P. Nappo

Leading Expert for Topics such as Digital Leadership with focus on the Board of Directors, War for Digital Talent, and Digital Culture. Founder of Institute for Digital Business.

Peter Baumgartner

Expert in Leadership & Motivation

Stefan Rappenglück

Trainer, coach, entrepreneur, consultant and keynote speaker in the field of sales and communication

Ronia Schiftan

Psychologist MSc, nutrition and media psychologist

Kristina zur Mühlen

TV-Presenter, Physicist & Expert Sustainability & Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Uve Samuels

Founder & CEO Exponential Innovation Institute - Exponential Pioneer

Zak Dychtwald

Founder & CEO of Young China Group

Stefan Brunnhuber

Expert in Life Science, New Thinking, Future Growth, Sustainability & Transformation.

Martin Bell

Thought Leader, Company Builder & Global Startup Advisor

Ömer Atiker

Entrepreneur, Expert in Digitization and Digital Innovation

All speakers


Expert in Music Industry

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Lothar Abicht

Futurist, Scientist & Expert for Futurology and Education research

Bodo Antonic

Entrepreneur & Interim Manager

Dr. Frank Arnold

Expert for Transformation, Strategy & Leadership

Ömer Atiker

Entrepreneur, Expert in Digitization and Digital Innovation

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Guido H. Baltes

Strategy and Innovation Expert, Professor & Technology-Entrepreneur

Sibylle Barden-Fürchtenicht

Author, SDG and ESG Strategist, Board Member

Benjamin Bargetzi

Tech Entrepreneur & Neuroscientist; Expert on Future Technology and Change Management

Chris Barton

Founder & Creator of Shazam, Entrepreneur, Inventor & Tech Investor

Christian Baudis

Internet-Expert, Former CEO Google Germany, Futurist, Digital Entrepreneur

Peter Baumgartner

Expert in Leadership & Motivation

Jan Bechler

Successful online entrepreneur and founder from Hamburg, Germany

Claudia Bechstein

Moderator & Business Psychologist (M.Sc)

Martin Bell

Thought Leader, Company Builder & Global Startup Advisor

Jon Christoph Berndt

Positioning / Profiling / Performance Enhancing

Florian Bernschneider

SME Expert, New Work thought leader and Political Expert

Cédric Bollag

Aspiring venture capitalist and an expert in the Swiss and Israeli startup scene

Nicole Brandes

Expert for Future-oriented Leadership, Thought Thinker, Member of the Future Institute Europe, Author

Christian Bredlow

Founder Digital Mindset & Expert for Digitalisation and Transformation

Dr. Matthias Brendel

AI & Sustainability Entrepreneur, Innovator, Leadership expert in Corporate & Startup world