Stephanie zu Guttenberg has been a well-known expert and popular speaker on digital and media education for over 20 years. Born in Munich, she grew up bilingual and speaks five languages. In recent years, the mother of two has gained numerous international experiences in the US, France, Great Britain, and Sweden, giving her critical insights into the education systems of other countries, challenges, and opportunities.

Today, zu Guttenberg wants to share her profound international know-how to promote digital development and citizenship proactively.

Stephanie zu Guttenberg – Lecture topics

Tips for responsible use of digital tools and devices
zu Guttenberg combines recommendations with short stories and insights in an entertaining yet informative and evocative way.

From the first cell phone to the career aspirations of an influencer
Stephanie zu Guttenberg knows from her own experience that bans alone are useless. Instead, she shows how growing up in the digital world should ideally be shaped and supported.

Digital citizenship
German schools are worse digitized than Japanese retirement homes In her lectures, Guttenberg explains why this is the case and why our society must now get moving to avoid losing touch.

Fake news, media usage contract, netiquette, first cell phone, and more
She informs and discusses everyday situations and presents essential aspects of modern education plans.

Training digital senses
zu Guttenberg talks about the advantages and disadvantages of the digital world with numerous tips, personal stories, and facts that encourage reflection and participation.

Sexting and Cybergrooming
Stephanie zu Guttenberg has been lecturing for years about dangers such as Cybergrooming and sexualization on the Internet. She shakes things up, names risks, and gives recommendations for politics, parents, and the like.

Her current book, “Wir können das besser!” (“We could do it better!”) is an impressive and stirring plea against digital ignorance in education. In her lectures, Stephanie zu Guttenberg addresses this topic. She doesn’t mince words, dares to address uncomfortable truths, and demands: “For something to finally change, we all have to join in!”

Her lectures on digital and media education, dangers, risks, opportunities, and possibilities of digitization shake things up, make people think, but above all, convey: Let’s raise our voices together for the new generations’ future! zu Guttenberg addresses educators, parents, family, friends, politics and society because digitization concerns everyone!