Strategy and Innovation Expert, Professor & Technology-Entrepreneur

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Guido H. Baltes is an expert in strategy, innovation and transformation.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Guido H. Baltes is Director of the IST Institute for Strategic Innovation & Transformation at Constance University of Applied Sciences, visiting scholar at University of International Business & Economics in Bejing and University of California San Diego’s Rady School of Management.

In his presentations, as presenter or guest on panel discussions, he combines knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur, manager and scientist. His presentations are characterised by conciseness, entertainment and vivid examples that illustrate how established companies successfully implement strategic innovation and transformation. In his role as presenter, he confidently leads events and uses his broad expertise to promote a captivating exchange of opinions among participants.

Guido H. Baltes Lecture topics

  • Successfully implementing strategic innovation – how to achieve disruption from within
  • “Ambidextrous” success – how optimisation and innovation go hand in hand
  • Everything digital – now what? How to succeed in digital transformation!
  • Leadership 4.0 – how changed leadership masters the changes of our time
  • Digital-supported business models – how to implement them successfully

As an expert in strategic transformation and innovation, he combines corporate and entrepreneurial experience with internationally renowned research:

He was responsible for strategy & marketing in the executive management board of a top 3 IT service company in Germany and has, as (co)founder successfully established several start-ups, amongst others Coliquio, the largest community of physicians in German-speaking countries and lately Unisphere, a startup that provides flight management services for drones. Based on that experience, he supports student startup founders as a mentor at the Universities of Constance and University of California Berkeley’s startup bootcamp.

Since more than a decade, his research focusses on design issues in the context of corporate entrepreneurship for implementing ambidexterity (“two-handed organization”) and strategic innovation. More than 10,000 minutes of analyzed interviews with senior innovation executives and board members as well as numerous in-depth case studies provide him with a deep and detailed look into the “engine room” of tech companies.

Based on that, he regularly supports CEOs and Entrepreneurs in successful implementing their strategic transformation and innovation-oriented growth strategies. He has (co-)authored numerous internationally reviewed articles in journals, conferences and books. Most recently, he published together with Antje Freyth “Veränderungsintelligenz” (“change intelligence”) at Springer/Gabler.

Oliver Stoldt' opinion on Guido H. Baltes
Do you need a new strategy for your company? New ideas for long-term success? Disruption from within? Guido Baltes is one of the few experts who can provide well-founded, pointed and practical input, ideas and innovations based on examples he has experienced and implemented. Guido H. Baltes offers lectures and workshops on agility, digital transformation and forward thinking. Book Guido Baltes with The Premium Speakers Agency.