Sibylle Kammer: Leading by example, being open and curious.

Innovation and a future-oriented approach have been faithful companions of Sibylle Kammer throughout her entire career. She is passionate about moving client-centric new ideas forwards. Sibylle speaks about the realities of vision, strategy and implementation. Her lectures are based on her broad and longstanding experience as a leader, a member of executive and non-executive boards in leading professional service provision firms in the financial services sector, and the consulting and innovation industries.

Sibylle Kammer Lecture topics

  • New business models resulting from digitisation and new technologies such as blockchain, mixed reality and machine learning.
  • Innovation: yes, but how?
  • Courage and innovation in B2B marketing & sales
  • Customer-centricity, empathy and innovation
  • Woman in the board room: successful and well-balanced – despite or because of family


  • New business models: do we all have to reinvent ourselves?

New business models – despite or because of digital transformation. Technological progress and social changes in behaviour lead to continuously faster and disruptive change. The life span of market leaders has significantly decreased and long-term plans no longer work. For many companies, digitisation still means just transferring the existing business onto the internet. But, is this enough? Where are the opportunities of the future? What examples of business model innovation exist beyond those that are already well known? How do you get to successful, future-securing business models? And, what role does your specific personal attitude play in this game?

  • Digital transformation: possible path to market success

Everybody is affected and needs to contribute – organisational and personal commitment is needed to embrace the opportunities of digital transformation and innovation. Based on the differences between innovative, digital leaders and traditional organisations, you can draw simple conclusions that are not rocket science to implement. One thing is clear: the digital tornado will reach all industries and has the possibility to completely change the game. Are you ready for it?

  • B2B marketing & sales: courage and innovation are no contradiction to serious business relationships

Do you think that top level decision makers at your clients are still reading the daily newspaper? And do you believe that they keep their know-how up-to-date by reading professional journals? This is no longer the reality. Examples show how you can reach your key target group despite this or potentially in an even better way than in the old world. In the future, you can use more courageous and exciting approaches that catch the attention of well-established business leaders.

  • Don’t tell yourself no: how to juggle family and career

Everybody said it was impossible, until someone came along who didn’t know that and just did it. A Master degree of a leading university, becoming executive board member or even non-exectutive member of the board – someone told her that this is probably not going to work out. She continued to believe in herself and worked towards her goals – heading straight forwards. And, in fact, it didn’t feel that difficult to reach them.

Vision, strategy and implementation are not only important for companies. This triangle has also allowed the speaker to align family and career – in a successful, well-balanced and happy way.