Chris Riddell is an Award winning and industry recognised Human Futurist, forensic Optimist and energising Catalyst.

Driven by the real world, by humanity,and by ‘the now’, Chris makes sense of the uncomfortable and challenging world of ‘the future’ and makes the case for excitement, motivation and optimism.

And there’s never been a more critical time for optimism, but moreover, optimism with rigour. Chris Riddell’s obsession with data, detail and insights, making unique connections and unlocking new perspectives, forms a compelling case for a future that will be better than today.

“There is never been a more monumental time to be a consumer, a business, a parent, a leader, a human… than right now”

Chris Riddell Speaking Topics

High Speed Business
What does a business of the future look like, and what are the skills you need to survive?

Future Customer 2030
What does a truly connected experience mean, and what does your future customer demand?

Growth & Transformation
What are the traditional industries we are seeing rapid future growth in, and what skills do we need?

Human Impact & Mega Trends
Technology is fundamentally changing us as human beings, and we now live and operate in a world that is beyond being just digital natives.

Altered Realities & Trust
Artificial intelligence (AI) has been changing our lives for decades, but never has AI felt more ubiquitous than now.

This obsession with the future, and ‘the now’ that shapes it, has powered Chris Riddell’s thinking, and his career, for more than 15 years. Having lived across the globe and working for some of the largest and influential businesses and brands on the planet, Chris has honed his ability to spot and track global patterns and unlocking opportunities in the increasingly disrupted digital world we live in.

With the World moving at breakneck speed rapidly shaping and completely transforming every aspect of our society, Chris Riddell is a man on a mission to get every person on the planet excited about that speed of change.

Engaging. Provocative. Motivating. The Future is here. Change now.

Powered by challenges and possibilities of our changing World, Chris Riddell’s insights provide enlightening and actionable thinking and relevations that will help shift mind-sets and business behaviour.

Chris Ridell’s approach sits at the intersection of rigour and insight, and heart and energy. Taking what we know, and fear, about our world today and tomorrow and encouraging changes in attitudes, beliefs, perceptions and mindsets… all wrapped up in awesome entertainment and showmanship.

Engaging. Provocative. Motivating. Being in a room with Chris Riddell is a transformational experience. No sector, subject or stone is left unturned in his quest to make sense of the challenging world of “The Future”.

This is the power of the live Chris Riddell experience. It’s real… relatable… relevant… and revelatory.