Expert in Digitalization, Artificial intelligence, Generative AI, Strategy & Brand Communication

Sascha Lobo works as an author and strategy consultant with a focus on the internet and brand communication for clients such as Deutsche Messe, the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft and VW. He lectures on the digital world from social media to digital work processes.

Lobo works as an internet entrepreneur and speaker on all aspects of the digitalisation of business and society. Since 2011, he has written a weekly column on Spiegel Online called “Mensch vs. Maschine” (Man vs. Machine), in which he looks at what is happening in the world from a digital perspective.

With various co-authors (Holm Friebe, Kathrin Passig, NEON), Sascha Lobo has written non-fiction books on the topics of work, the net and society. In 2010 he published his first novel “Strohfeuer”. For the community blog he received the Grimme Online Award in 2006, the Erik Reger Literature Prize (Förderpreis) and other awards.

Sascha Lobo lecture topics

  • Changing society: the future of media & creative industries
  • What ChatGPT and generative AI can (and cannot) do
  • Digitalisation & Artificial Intelligence: The Future of the World of Work
  • The State of the Nation: What is driving change in the economy, society and communication?
  • Business Unusual instead of Business as Usual: What you need to do next to reap the benefits and stay ahead of the competition
  • Digital transformation: AI-based transformation in SMEs – potentials & challenges.
  • Artificial intelligence: The next stage of digitalisation and how to meet it

Sascha Lobo: Artificial intelligence – the industrial revolution of our time

On the subject of artificial intelligence, Sascha Lobo has already made his judgement. When asked about disruptive changes in human history such as the wheel, computers or the internet, he says: “Artificial intelligence definitely belongs in this series. Probably even above it. It is more impactful than many of the things mentioned.”

Sascha Lobo: “I would put AI at least on a par with the industrial revolution.”

Artificial intelligence unleashes the power of impact, why creativity and empathy are no longer the sole preserve of humans, which industries are already being transformed today, what constitutes a General Artificial Intelligence, what distinguishes AI from humans and how companies must deal with it. For Sascha Lobo it is clear that companies need a concrete AI strategy and an AI department. That doesn’t mean that everyone will have to use AI tomorrow, but AI will come across the entire economy – that is completely out of the question for him.

Further keynotes and lecture topics

  • Internet and network economy

How does the net work and what impact does this have on digital business models? What role does platform capitalism play and what strategies can be used to master this new economic principle? From the principles of the net economy to the rules in marketing and communication on the net to the strengths and weaknesses of digital corporations: what you need to know to really understand the digital economy.

  • Understanding digitalisation

Digitisation, digital revolution, digital transformation, however one describes the change, networking is changing society and the economy as profoundly as it is rapidly. This topic area includes how the transformation is affecting individual industries, what the relevant drivers are and the patterns according to which this is happening.

  • Future and trends

Almost everyone agrees that the future is digital and networked. But how exactly are society and the economy developing? Which technologies will become big and decisive, which will barely make it past a few headlines? The presentations in this thematic area describe how we will live, work and act, how the potential of this change can – and sometimes must – be used.

  • Artificial Intelligence – The next stage of digitalisation and how to meet it

The breakthrough of Artificial Intelligence has been announced for a very long time. But now the social and economic impact is apparent, which even experts do not always overlook. This lecture places AI in the context of digitalisation, explains the principles and industry dynamics of digital corporations and illustrates how artificial intelligence is both underestimated and overestimated. And yet it is changing the world.

  • Digital health and the internet of the body – e-health and smart everything are just the beginning

Digital networking is getting closer and closer to the body. This generates data that previously seemed immeasurable. The most obvious dimensions of evaluation alone range from disease prognosis and diagnosis to occupational safety and insurance. But the lecture takes this change even further – because hardly any industry will change itself and life more in the next few years than the digitalised healthcare industry.

  • NEW WORK: Much more than the office in your jacket pocket – How the world of work is changing due to digitalisation and how one could react to it.

The change in the world of work is obvious, but still not easy to understand in its full scope. The coming effects range from employer branding to digital education and infrastructure to the real estate industry. This talk highlights the enormous challenge facing the country, the continent, the world, and explains the essential investment and education tasks for businesses, policymakers and civil society.

  • From Bitcoin to AI – the future of finance – How digital networking is affecting finance and insurance.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero are often discussed – even though hardly anyone has yet understood what the “blockchain” behind them really means. From the end of the banks to the unregulable rule of the financial industry, almost all possible scenarios are conjured up – often without taking into account the previous findings on decentralisation, platforms and FinTech. The lecture outlines the current state of affairs, explains advantages and disadvantages in a generally understandable way and provides assessments of developments in the coming years.

Oliver Stoldt' opinion on Sascha Lobo
Sascha Lobo is one of the most sought-after digital experts because he knows his stuff. Not only about the current status quo in digitalization and artificial intelligence, but also about future new technologies and their use in business and society. Sascha Lobo's keynotes are uniquely packed with know-how and transformation ideas for the new world of work. Book Sascha Lobo for speeches with The Premium Speakers Agency.