Political scientist & Americanist, Author & Publicist

Dr. Tobias Endler holds a doctorate in American Studies from the University of Heidelberg. As a political scientist specialising in international relations, he is an expert on US domestic and foreign policy and transatlantic relations in politics, economics and culture.

After working for many years at the Heidelberg Centre for American Studies and at Yale University (USA), he now works as a freelance speaker and moderator, strategic consultant and author with more than 15 years of experience in this field.

Deep-Dive Speeches – High-Flying Moderation

Tobias Endler is an experienced and astute observer of the domestic and foreign policy scene in the USA, transatlantic relations and the West. His expertise in this field makes him a sought-after speaker and a highly informed moderator. His well-founded approach to informed moderation in both German and English is also reflected in his presentations, in which he offers an alternative and original perspective on the important issues of our time. He explains, explains, communicates and interacts skilfully with the audience.

“For me, the stage is a forum that allows us to exchange opinions, assessments and information – and thus learn from each other.”

Dr. Tobias Endler presentation and lecture topics


  • Current political developments / Presidential elections
  • The economy
  • Society and culture (values debates such as identity politics, trigger warnings, generational conflicts, protest movements, education and access to education, etc.)

Transatlantic relations / the West:

  • Trade relations
  • Security and foreign policy
  • USA and Germany
  • USA and EU
  • Image of Germany in the USA
  • The West and the Rest: China, Russia

Democracy and challenges for democracy today:

  • What does “liberal” mean today, what does “conservative” mean, what does “left” mean?
  • Populism, polarisation
  • Trust in politics, media, experts
  • How do we negotiate the big questions of the nation? What is “democratic dispute” and constructive debate?
  • What should democracy look like in the 21st century?

Tobias Endler is regularly in demand as a political expert in the media, including ZDF, DLF, RTL, NBC, funk, FAZ, Handelsblatt, The European; as well as at the renowned M100 Media Colloquium, the annual exchange forum for German, European and American media, politics and business. He moderates top-level national and international events such as the AmCham Transatlantic Business Conference, the Aspen Institute’s German-American Trade&Tech Dialogue, the Berlin Literature Festival, and seminars and talks at the leading think tanks in Germany.

Tobias has published or edited 6 books and numerous other texts, most recently Demokratie und Streit on the debate culture of our time, and before that Game Over, an unsparing analysis of the West and the USA, which at the same time points out new paths.

For his publications, he has conducted over 50 interviews with leading voices in the discourse, including Bloomberg News editor-in-chief John Micklethwait, security advisor to Presidents Carter and Obama Zbigniew Brzezinski, ex-US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton, New America CEO Anne-Marie Slaughter, Francis Fukuyama and Noam Chomsky.

Tobias Endler is passionate about building bridges: he is passionate about constructive dialogue, from which all sides benefit – and he is not afraid to ask critical questions. As an enthusiastic musician, he knows that everything depends on hitting the right note.