Leadership 4.0

Leadership is a permanent hot topic in large and small companies alike. Finding the right way to lead a team is the key to productivity and satisfaction in our everyday working lives. Yet nowadays, leadership means much more than just creating a good working environment.  Topics such as communication, time management and personality development play a decisive role in the training of management staff. Under the keyword Leadership 4.0, contemporary management training is also increasingly bringing in soft skills such as openness, trust and transparency. Old-established management skills are combined in a flowing transition with the skills which managers need to possess in the digital era. If you are looking for a moderator, speaker or coach on the topic of leadership, you are in the right place with our keynote speakers.

Popular speakers

Benjamin Bargetzi

Neuroscientist, Expert on Future Technology and Change Management - Europe's Leading Tech Visionary

Paul Niel

Adventurer, Mountaineer, Explorer & Technology Entrepreneur

Gordon Herbert

German National Basketball Coach & World Champion 2023

Jens Heitland

Entrepreneur & Expert for innovative leadership

Kai Diekmann

Journalist, Founder, Entrepreneur

David Katz

Founder & CEO The Plastic Bank

Jörg Pilawa

Television moderator, event moderator, author

Carlo Thränhardt

Athletics legend, high jump record holder

Anne M. Schüller

Expert in Touchpoint-Management, Client Loyalty & Referral Marketing

Babak Rafati

Ex - FIFA-Referee, Author

Alex T. Steffen

Management Strategist, Expert on digitalisation, modern leadership & adaptive intelligence (AQ)

Kathi Wörndl

Expert Digital Communikation, (Female) Leadership, CEO-Communication & Personal Branding

All speakers

Annette Yashpon

Expert in Communication, Charisma & Leadership Skills, Event Presenter, Pianist & Singer

Frank Adamowicz

Golf Instructor, Golf Expert & Book Author

René Adler

Football Personality, Entrepreneur & TV-Expert

Rasmus Ankersen

Talent-Management - The Gold Mine Effect. The new "Rockstar" on stage!

Felix Anrich

Entrepreneur, Specialist for Employer attractiveness & Employer branding

Bodo Antonic

Entrepreneur & Interim Manager

Dani Arnold

Extreme Mountaineer, Adventurer & Speed climber

Dr. Frank Arnold

Expert for Transformation, Strategy & Leadership

Frank Asmus

Expert for strategic communication, Art Director & Author

Ömer Atiker

Entrepreneur, Expert in Digitization and Digital Innovation

Deniz Aytekin

FIFA-Referee, Entrepreneur & Author

Markus Babbel

Football expert

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Guido H. Baltes

Strategy and Innovation Expert, Professor & Technology-Entrepreneur

Benjamin Bargetzi

Neuroscientist, Expert on Future Technology and Change Management - Europe's Leading Tech Visionary

Bernhard Bauhofer

Expert on Branding- & Reputation-Management

Daniela Baumann

Entrepreneur & Founder of "LOFT1" Poledance Studios

Peter Baumgartner

Expert in Leadership & Motivation

Felix Behm

Expert Generation Z & Book author

Lars Behrendt

Innovator, Influencer & Entrepreneur - CEO Granny&Smith GmbH & Co. KG

Jan Berger

Foresight Professional, Founder, Mentor