Expert Generation Z & Book author

For more than 10 years, Felix Behm, a former HR manager in a leadership role, has been concerned with young people and what really matters for successful collaboration with them.

Originally in a salaried position at a company in the healthcare industry with 3,500 employees, he has also held numerous functions between schools and business. For example, he was not only a career orientation coach and thus directly with young people in schools, but also a long-standing member of various examination committees and organizations that deal with the younger generation and the world of work.

In 2016, Felix Behm became self-employed and advised companies in various industries on the key personnel topics of marketing and developing young talent. He also gave trainings on these topics for various seminar providers. In 2020, he was engaged as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. For the Free University of Berlin, Behm worked for five years on the Funpreneur project – a competition in which students found their own company in six weeks – in an organizational and consulting capacity. In 2021, he published his first book, “Inspiring and Retaining Generation Z,” which he wrote specifically for educators. In the fall of 2023, his second book on Generation Z will be published.

Felix Behm Lecture topics

“No desire for 08/15 jobs – What Generation Z really wants”

Leisure-oriented, demotivated and unqualified – that’s how young people from Generation Z are often described! But is that true at all? Or have we just not yet found the right way to deal with a future-oriented generation? What challenges are associated with a new generation that is gradually entering the labor market and is already forcing many companies to rethink?

Keynote speaker Felix Behm explains in his presentations, with examples from real life that we all know and with the involvement of the audience, what moves Generation Z privately and professionally, where the differences to the other generations lie and what really matters in order to win over the digital natives and lead them successfully.


  • Comparison of generations – the world of work yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • What makes Generation Z tick? Wishes and needs
  • Meaningfulness, feedback, perspectives – What really motivates young people
  • Best practice – examples from everyday working life for successful management of “Z” and good intergenerational cooperation
  • Recommendations for action: How to win digital natives for your company in the long term

His expertise is now in demand on TV, radio and in newspapers. With his podcast “Generation Z-Talk”, he has already reached thousands of decision-makers and executives. DAX companies such as “Deutsche Bank”, “DB Schenker” or the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection have already booked him. In 2022 he also became German Champion in Public Speaking (of the worldwide speaker organization Toastmasters International).

Felix Behm is also the father of a pubescent daughter himself and knows the challenges with Generation Z in his private life.