Sailing professional and top coach. Multiple Olympic medalist, World and European Champion and overall winner of the World Cup and Volvo Champions Race. Offshore world record holder.

Roland Gäbler is one of the most successful sailors and coaches worldwide. As an athlete, he is a multiple World- and European Champion as well as Olympic medalist with over 80 victories in international championships as well as offshore world record holder and overall winner of the Volvo Champions Race.

In his exceptional sailing career, he has gone through everything from the bitterest defeat to phenomenal victories. His sensational comebacks are legendary. Roland Gäbler continues to be very active and successful as helmsman, tactician on various yachts.

As a team coach, Roland Gäbler has built up many talents and led them to the top of the world. His special team training method has four Olympic medals and 22 World Champion titles produced.

“Sailing is a team sport par Excellence! On board a racing yacht it really gets down to business when wind and waves blow over the deck.”

At the same time, he is also a top speaker with the very best references. Authentically, emotionally and with a fantastic world of pictures he comes directly from the racing yachts to his keynote speeches. For this he plays current video sequences from the races and teams that make his talk particularly authentic and extraordinary.

He speaks about motivation, teamwork, communication, leadership techniques, change-management, efficiency, sparring, turnaround, winning culture, mental strength, positive attitude and much more…..

Roland Gäbler Speaking Topics

Stormchallenge – leadership, communication, strategy turnaround and motivation

Roland Gäbler shows the strategies and methods the best sailing teams in the toughest races in the world sailed through the strongest storms and sovereignly achieved their goal. Get inspired and profit sustainably from the experiences of the world’s best sailing teams to master the future of the economy even better. This keynote speech fits perfectly into kick-off events, conferences, workshops and seminars.

Winning Together – motivation, teaming, communication, focus, sparring and leadership

Teaming and motivation with the example of the victorious “Oracle Team USA” at the America’s Cup, where they wrote with great team performance and an extraordinary comeback sports history. He gives his talk in a passionate and exciting way that captivates every listener. So far, he has won over 80 championships, so he knows what he’s talking about. In addition, he has lived through all phases of high-performance sports, from the bitterest defeat to the phenomenal victory. Benefit from his experience!

If you have new challenges with your team want to accept, then fits this impulse presentation perfect in kick-off events, seminars, conferences, workshops and meetings.

These are just a few examples of topics that Roland Gäbler will address in his keynote speech. But there are many more interesting things to report from board of the racing yachts. Sailing is team sport at the highest level. A team sport par excellence. Sailor, nature and technology in dynamic synergy. Highest performance paired with the right stamina to finish as the winner.

He has experienced a lot as a sailor in the last 40 years. Roland Gäbler comes with real and authentic stories from a new perspective, which have a lasting positive effect on current issues of the economy. You can be sure that Roland Gaebler will inspire and motivate your team!

“Bringing crew and ship through all weather conditions is a real challenge. Still winning the race is the ultimate of teamwork “