Markus Gisdol is a German soccer coach and entrepreneur. Among others, he has coached
Hamburger SV, 1. FC Köln, TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and Lokomotive Moscow, among others.

Markus Gisdol has had a unique journey to the top of professional soccer. He started as a coach in the Kreisliga and has worked his way up to the Bundesliga through successful work and championships. In addition to his ability to shape championship teams, he has also proven his ability to save teams from relegation in the Bundesliga. Markus therefore knows very well how to deal with crisis situations.

Markus Gisdol lecture topics

  • Leadership of high performance teams
  • Crisis management
  • Working under pressure to perform
  • Dealing with public attention & media around the activity
  • Management in Sports (especially in soccer) & Business
  • Leadership and development of top athletes
  • Forming teams and increasing their performance

Before Markus Gisdol started full-time as a coach, he worked as an entrepreneur. He brings
a wealth of experience from the business world. For almost 10 years he worked as an independent sales representative. For this reason Markus has already shared his experience as a trainer, person and entrepreneur with companies and other institutions in the form of lectures and workshops. He very much enjoys bridging the gap between professional soccer and the business world and to identify parallels in an open discussion.

Markus Gisdol believes that both sides can benefit and learn a lot from each other. No matter on which level in the club or in the company. Among other things, he has given a lecture on “Leading High-Performance Teams” at the University of St. Gallen.