Anyone who experiences Dani Nieth live is fascinated by his vivid behavioral examples and conclusions and can use them successfully in practice. Dani Nieth experienced first-hand as a child that one can positively change oneself and one’s environment through conscious communication and lived friendliness. But it was not until he abandoned his engineering studies that his eyes and ears were opened. There are lectures where the audience remains seated forever – because they have fallen asleep. And there are those from which you walk out changed: inspired, amused and engaged.

Dani Nieth’s top presentations

  • Refreshing communication: Don’t give a speech. Stage a performance.
  • Work is play. Take charge.
  • The boomerang principle of friendliness
  • Successful teamwork starts with the individual
  • Friendly faces sell better

Incompetent politicians, lame economy, unpredictable weather, too much traffic, destroyed environment, mobile depression: there is so much complaining that you can hardly hear it anymore and certainly don’t want to! In passionate lectures and lasting seminars the trilingual best-selling author shows that blubbering and lamenting harm health, make lonely and ultimately cost a lot of money.

Dani Nieth started his journalism career in 1992 as a radio presenter at a regional station. This was followed by a classic TV career, which reached its peak as a member of the editorial board and talk show host of the daily live program KlarText on RTL/ProSieben Schweiz.

Complaining endangers your health.

For more than 10 years, Dani Nieth has been working as a lecturer at various universities and as an independent sales and presentation trainer for various companies in Switzerland and abroad. He is on stage as a presenter as well as a speaker with one goal: not to bore himself or his audience.

His entertaining, anecdote-rich, razor-sharp and practice-oriented performances win over the audience with lasting effect. Dani Nieth lectures with a lot of enthusiasm, empathy, provocation and spontaneity – a mixture that takes away the taint of crisis even from more serious topics.

Positive communication, inner motivation, self-responsibility & initiative

The dream of flying has led via artistic gymnastics and the European championship title in ski acrobatics jumping to the sports pilot license. Dani Nieth knows how to live a versatile life, still pursue goals consistently and realize dreams with a lot of fun.

Only those who continuously improve themselves and their communicative appearance have a grip on the increasing dynamics in working life. With customized business trainings you will achieve a more pleasant climate and better results in your company. After all, the practice-oriented seminars with Dani Nieth should also pay off.

Dani Nieth: Work is play.