In his lectures he shows executives and entrepreneurs how artificial intelligence is applied today and in the future and which social processes of change are implied. Florian Schild gives valuable impulses on how the conception of AI products, platforms and strategies, the creation of agile AI teams and the automation of business processes will revolutionize previous forms of work.

lorian Schild developed his passion for digital, smart working with the help of technology in his early childhood and youth. As a teenager, he built self-optimizing Carrera cars and click bots. Florian Schild studied Mathematical Engineering – Mathematical Modeling and Programming at the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich. His special academic achievements were awarded by the Society for Operation Research in the course of his final thesis in 2012.

As an officer of the Luftwaffe (german air force), he was given practical insights into AI research early on, in addition to his leadership responsibilities for 120 people. In addition to his profession and studies, he worked at the Institute for Corporate Technology Siemens. In 2010 Florian Schild completed the Entrepreneurship Program of the LMU Munich. In 2013 he was a member of the exclusive “Technical Entrepreneurship” program at Stanford University with internationally renowned Silicon Valley founders as mentors.

In 2015 he was the initiator of the Start-up-Weekend Düsseldorf with more than 300 visitors. After years of AI research and management experience, he founded his own company theDigital, or (abbr.), in 2013. In Stanford, Munich and Düsseldorf, he has also participated in other start-ups such as the start-up, which earned him his first international patent and was acquired by Klarna Bank in 2018. He supports numerous founders in the implementation of AI projects and business strategies. In 2018, Florian Schild was co-founder of the German Federal Association for Artificial Intelligence.

In 2019 he published the trend-setting book “AI-Thinking” together with the philosopher Dr. Leon Tsvasman. Currently, Florian Schild’s work focuses on his company boot.AI, which makes it easier for traditional companies and their executives to find their way into artificial intelligence and to realize projects with artificial intelligence.

KEY-NOTE of Florian Schild

Artificial intelligence – digital power ahead

Technology, Artificial Intelligence Robotics, Automation, Optimization, Digitization, Social Change, Future, Inspiration

These three adjectives are associated with the lecture:

  • Competent
  • Sensitive
  • visionary

What is learned:

  • Why Artificial Intelligence not only changes companies.
  • What role humans play in the future.
  • How everyone can make a lasting contribution to a new culture of work and values.

Why this is important:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is and remains en vogue, because AI is the new version of software. The really new thing about AI software – besides input, processing and output – is learning and understanding. This means that AI software and systems can also be trained in the processing component, therefore are able to learn and thus achieve better results than conventional methods. Usually it is about supporting people in achieving their goals, i.e. intelligent human-machine interaction and collaboration. Everyone has heard or read about it before, but few have a comprehensive understanding of the technology behind it. Leading companies want to use the first mover advantage and prepare themselves and their teams for change in order to survive on the market.

How knowledge is transmitted:

Florian Schild presents in his key note the phenomenon “artificial intelligence” in a technically competent and at the same time understandable way and gives insights into the internationally groundbreaking developments that we can expect professionally and socially due to this artificially created intelligence. In his lecture, he outlines the relevance and necessity of the topic by addressing current questions: What will social change look like through the establishment of an AI? What influence does AI have on middle management? How can the advantages of AIs be recognized and potential risks minimized? Florian Schild’s lecture will focus on the positive applications of artificial intelligence and the opportunities it offers. He will show his audience in a concrete and humorous way what opportunities the use of Artificial Intelligence can offer them in their professional and social lives. Florian Schild draws in his key note the picture of an unexpected and new working culture, which is enriched and revolutionized by artificial intelligence. In contrast to this, he delimits the concept of industry 4.0 and questions whether the development of classical industry, which has prevailed for 200 years, is at all purposeful. He encourages people to get involved in this exciting, promising field and to actively shape the use of artificial intelligence.

Florian Schild has already given lectures at:

Deutsche Telekom AG, HUK-COBURG Versicherungsgruppe, Ernst & Young GmbH, Euroforum Datenschutzkongress, IHK Bonn/Rhein-Sieg, Business Plus Minus Ethics, Deutsche Vermögensberatung, Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater, Symposium Oeconomicum Münster, Interactive Festival, Dr. Hans Riegel-Stiftung, Hanns Seidel Stiftung, Photoindustrie-Verband, DB Privat- und Firmenkundenbank AG, Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce Inc.