The term humanity has two key levels of meaning. The first level of meaning is rather more narrowly defined. It describes the type of behaviour that is specific only to humans and that distinguishes us from animals. The second level of meaning of humanity is coined in significantly wider terms – it concerns the way humans should behave in the ideal case. This is a matter of our societal and social norms and what is seen as being “human”. This includes key words such as tolerance, charity and kindness. The keynote speakers listed in this section are involved in social projects – in a wide range of different ways – and are committed to the well-being of humanity, both in theory and practice.

Popular speakers

Zarifa Ghafari

Economist & Human Rights Activist

Kirstine Fratz

Zeitgeist Expert

Markos Aristides Kern

Entrepreneur, Sports Tech Innovator, Keynote Speaker

Ranulph Fiennes

Explorer & Author

Röbi Koller

Moderator, InfoTainer, Author

Zohre Esmaeli

Afghan Model, Entrepreneur, and Activist

Hans Rusinek

Economist, Philosopher, Management consultant, Transformation researcher & Author

Maike van den Boom

Intercultural happiness ambassador and best selling author

Werner Hansch

Football commentator, Football expert, Podcaster

Siv Helen Hesjedal


Danny Meyer

Restaurateur, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group, Founder of Shake Shack, One of Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People of 2015.

Michel Fornasier

Founder Charity "Give Children a Hand" and Bionicman

All speakers

Annette Yashpon

Expert in Communication, Charisma & Leadership Skills, Event Presenter, Pianist & Singer

Bodo Antonic

Entrepreneur & Interim Manager

Kehkashan Basu

Eco-warrior, Youth Ambassador for the World Future Council, Founder President of Green Hope, United Nations Human Rights Champion

David Beckham

One of the Most Famous Footballers in the World

Rainer Biesinger

Expert on personal Change, Heavy Metal-Speaker, Author

Nick Bostrom

Director of the Future of Humanity Institute Oxford University

Prof. Dr. Ingo Bott

Criminal defence lawyer, Lawyer, Book author, Lecturer, Podcaster

Nicole Brandes

Expert for Future-oriented Leadership, Thought Thinker, Member of the Future Institute Europe, Author

Gib Bulloch

Social Intrapreneur, Corporate Insurgent, Author and Storyteller

Micheline Calmy-Rey

Former President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland

Rudi Cerne

TV presenter, Event host, Sports expert, Podcaster

Tania de Jong

Expert on Innovation, Creativity & Collaboration

Dalina Dembler & Lucia Talotti

Founders of the Denke Groß Institute and experts with many years of experience in coaching, personality development and training.

Benjamin Erben

Founder of the branding company, Creative Director, Brand Strategist, Systemic Coach and Team Developer, MBA

Zohre Esmaeli

Afghan Model, Entrepreneur, and Activist

Ranulph Fiennes

Explorer & Author

Felix Finkbeiner

Founder of Plant-for-the-Planet - Foundation

Michel Fornasier

Founder Charity "Give Children a Hand" and Bionicman

Kirstine Fratz

Zeitgeist Expert

Rebecca Freitag

Sustainability Expert, Future Architect and Political Entrepreneur