Daniela Landherr – Expert on Talent Engagement, Leadership and Psychological Safety.

Daniela Landherr is the former Head of Talent Engagement EMEA at Google, now entrepreneur and executive coach, who inspires leaders to transform their work culture amplifying psychological safety at scale.

Reducing fear at the workplace, creating safe spaces that enable people to have “the real” conversations, increasing trust, turning toxicity into a powerful network of effective and positive communication – these are some of the areas that organizations see changing during their partnership with Daniela and her team.

Leaders become more aware of their personal energy and its impact on their ecosystem, they learn how to regulate emotions when being triggered, and how to communicate and manage conflicts effectively – all in order to become inspirational leaders that make a lasting positive impact for humans.

Daniela Landherr Lecture Topics

Daniela Landherr is a passionate and sought-after keynote speaker at conferences and corporate events who will make a lasting, positive impact on your audience and inspire them to better themselves and the people around them.

  • How Work Culture Drives Innovation

Get insights into how to design and elevate your culture to serve as a catalyst for performance, engagement and innovation, and how to use that as a tool for employer branding and talent attraction.

  • Fail smart, learn fast

We all fail. Do people in your culture still hide failures, or do they feel empowered to take risks and learn in order to drive development and innovation? Daniela provides insights into why failure is not the opposite of success but a crucial driver to success. She shows how our response to failures creates patterns that impact not only our lives, but also the overall work culture and success of organizations.

  • Mental Health: The Power of Psychological Safety

What makes an effective and high-performing team? Daniela shares insights from research conducted from Google’s Project Aristotle, revealing the role trust and psychological safety play in building effective teams and high-performing organizations that drive innovation and positively impact company culture, a tool to deal with toxic workplaces.

  • Inclusive and Inspirational Leadership as Superpowers

Being an inclusive leader requires cognizance, curiosity and courage, especially in times of uncertainty. Daniela shares her insights on how to lead with vulnerability to build an engaging and trusting environment and safe work cultures that engage and attract top talent to contribute in meaningful ways.

  • New WorkThe Workplace of tomorrow

Technology has become an important tool to enhance the human experience. But we often forget that it’s humans who build the technology. Daniela Landherr bridges the world of AI and its impacts on leadership to building a culture today that will ready an organization for the future.

Daniela Landherr is an avid speaker and lecturer who is passionate about inspirational leadership development and talent engagement. She offers insights and research on building effective teams, engaged work cultures, inclusive and effective leadership and innovation. By emphasizing these focus areas with the rapid evolution of technology in the workplace, remote and hybrid work and agile co-creation, she provides leaders with powerful tools to drive their own development and create purposeful work environments that foster innovation and build legacies.

Daniela Landherr inspires, teaches and activates people.

Daniela is a certified Executive Coach, she obtained a Master in Change from INSEAD, specializing in the systems-psychodynamics of organizational behavior and change, and she completed an Executive Leadership Program at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. She works with partners across various industries and academia.

Outside her own business, Daniela Landherr lectures and coaches executives pursuing EMBAs at ETH, the University of St. Gallen and the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Switzerland, and regularly offers guest lectures internationally.

Daniela Landherr serves on several boards and is an inspirational TEDx and international keynote speaker.

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Daniela Landherr is an expert in psychological safety, mental strength and talent engagement. In her long professional career, Daniela Landherr helped develop the work culture of Google EMEA. She discovered talent and introduced a unique culture of innovation into the global organization. Book Daniela Landherr for presentations and workshops with The Premium Speakers Agency.