Founder Charity "Give Children a Hand" and Bionicman

Hightech & Hightouch – Human & Robotic

Michel Fornasier was born without a right hand. Today he is a regular two handed man in every way, thanks to his new bionic prosthesis «iLimb Ultra Revolution».

He manages daily life with the latest high-tech hand that’s available on the market today. Developed in close collaboration between a British start- up company and Balgrist Tec in Zurich. The prosthesis has six independent motors, a carbon shaft and a weight of about 1,2 kilograms. It is able to perform much more than just simple grips. With an app on his smartphone Michel Fornasier can choose from more than 20 different grips and program his artificial limb individually.

His prosthesis can also be steered by microchips, which can be placed for example on a notebook or a bike. Already as a young boy Michel Fornasier had to learn to perform most tasks left handed. At the age of seven he got his first artificial limb which was nice to look at but had no functions at all.

Having a happy childhood along with his parents’ positive attitude towards life he was able to accept his handicap. His burning ambition made him conquer the boundaries his handicap set. Since the beginning of 2015 he is voluntary ambassador for high tech prosthesis. At events Michel Fornasier talks about his experiences, his commitments and visions for the future.

The aim is to achieve is to develop prosthesis further to enable handicapped people to get a qualified aid for their daily life. Furthermore he wants to build bridges, reduce the fear of contact and show, what’s today possible thanks to medical robotic.