International Chess Grandmaster, Co-Founder Munich Chess Academy, Author

Stefan Kindermann is an International Chess Grandmaster and co-founder of the Munich Chess Academy and the Munich Chess Foundation. He took part in eight Chess Olympiads and once competed in the World Championship cycle. Stefan Kindermann has authored several books on various chess topics. He is also an NLP master, keynote speaker, and coach. Together with Professor Robert von Weizsäcker, he has devised The King’s Plan, drawing on the successful strategies utilised by chess grandmasters, and teaches the concept in lectures, coaching, and seminars.

Always A Move Ahead – The Strategies Of The Chess Grandmasters

Stefan Kindermann is an experienced and renowned keynote speaker. He is regularly booked by companies who like to underline their strategic orientation. But the subjects of The King’s Plan are also perfectly suited for conferences where they make for a refreshing change of perspectives.

The King’s Plan – Strategies For Your Success

  • How to use the chess grandmasters’ tools in order to tackle problems strategically
  • How to purposefully think backwards and forwards in order to gain new perspectives, make decisions more quickly, and achieve goals successfully

The Art Of Changing Your Perspective – Achieve Your Goals Move By Move

  • How to apply the quintessence of 1500 years of grandmaster strategy in your everyday business
  • How to reach your optimal state of mind when facing a critical challenge and make full use of your abilities
  • How to become creative, find and test new ideas and successfully implement them

Intuition In Business – Go With Your Guts For Optimal Decisions

  • How to unite intuition and reason to make masterly choices
  • How to stimulate your intuition
  • How to protect from intuitive misjudgements

Intelligent Intuition – Humanity in the digital age

  • Trend humanity – why intuition and instinct play an essential role in the digital age
  • Think like a chess master – how intuition leads to optimal decisions
  • How intuition determines the quality of a good leader

Grandmaster-Strategies for business practice

How to combine reason and intuition in the process of planning and decision-taking.

Grandmasters in Chess need exceptional thinking strategies as well as great mental strength. Grandmaster Stefan Kindermann and Professor Robert von Weizsäcker have deeply analyzed their secrets of success and developed an efficient model for management practice-the “Königsplan”.

The “Königsplan” is the essence of the best strategies of the chess grandmasters. For the first time, executives can utilize these master strategies for their business practice even without possessing any chess skills.

In our lectures, seminars and coaching we teach:

  • how to solve a task strategically using the tools of the chess grandmasters
  • how to combine intuition and logic and make masterly choices
  • how to open up new perspectives and reliably achieve goals by mentally travelling in time
  • how to get into the optimal state of mind in the face of a critical challenge and how to activate your potential to the pinpoint
  • how to develop creativity, find, check and implement new ideas
  • how to sense, stimulate and develop your intuition
  • alarm signals for avoiding intuitive mistakes
  • how to recover and learn from setbacks and gain new confidence through success