Kirstine Fratz: “You’ve never seen the world like this before!”

Zeitgeist Research is the new luxury in thinking. A treasure map for survival in the 21st century.

Kirstine Fratz is Germany’s best-known Zeitgeist researcher. She has made a spectacular discovery on how to think about time, spirit, future and economy in a new and vital way. The cultural scientist and Zeitgeist researcher has decoded the hidden power of Zeitgeist and knows how to apply it successfully to businesses.

New thinking for a new time

Zeitgeist is not a moody phenomenon of trends and fashions, but the most powerful and creative force in our culture. This creative power of Zeitgeist arises from our collective longing, which reaches much further into the future than any reason. Those who understand the collective longing in Zeitgeist, realize what is really in the making. Zeitgeist research makes this special social energy tangible and reveals new meaning and sensibility for the cultural change, that will transform our markets and also your business.

Zeitgeist for Business

Zeitgeist Research is a mental upgrade for progressive thinking in all areas of culture and business. Kirstine Fratz has developed Zeitgeist Dynamics ©. A cultural formula, that gives us an impressive perspective on the constant evolution of culture and business. A new spiritual dimension to shape the future. With Zeitgeist Dynamics ©, one sees far beyond trends and increases one’s ability to develop new business areas. You see how Zeitgeist continues to expand our culture and markets, unleashing new business potential. The Zeitgeist capital for future successful positioning.

Zeitgeist Entrepreneurs

The Zeitgeist researcher has given Zeitgeist a completely new profile and advises companies such as Unilever, Facebook, Audi, Gucci, Beiersdorf, Procter & Gamble. She is an international speaker on Zeitgeist topics, teaches at universities, is a member of the supervisory board of German Real Estate, an honorary member of the Club of European Women Entrepreneurs, a TED speaker and an expert in various think tanks, including Akademie_3. Kirstine Fratz is the author of „The book of Zeitgeist and how it drives us forward” (Fontis Verlag) and regularly publishes new Zeitgeist perspectives in a wide range of media, including Tush, Deco Home, the magazine of the International Business Senate Berlin and Wallstreet Journal.

Kirstine Fratz Lecture topic:

  • Zeitgeist at Work – The new Business Development Journey
  • Zeitgeist loves the future – the new luxury in thinking
  • New Work Next Change – New spirits in the working world
  • Spirit Maker Masterclass – Competence for changing times

Learn how the Zeitgeist perspective can be used to watch collective longings change the world. This fresh perspective on cultural evolution sets a completely new reference point for cultural development and corporate culture. It gives us deep insights into the imagination of the future – and does not remain stuck in a limited view of the present.

Contemporaries inspired by the Zeitgeist perspective become Spirit Makers and create new cultural homes for our longings. This results in groundbreaking products, pioneering services, and completely new ideas about how we want to live. Spirit Makers are the game changers of a new time quality.

  • Where are the Spirit Makers in your company?
  • Which collective longings will lead your company into the future?
  • How can the spirit of time help you, to position your company in a visionary way?
  • What creative potential does your business have for cultural evolution?

Start a new relationship with your time and your projects. The ability to promote cultural evolution with your potential is more fun and much more sustainable than just adapting to trends.

Find out how your topics move independently through the zeitgeist and which line of development they follow in order to find effective project goals and innovative business areas, to dynamically develop leadership, drive and vision, to develop the Spirit Maker personality in you and in your team, to make a really good future and to promote cultural evolution. Grasp the world with a new, contemporary sense for people, market and change. Zeitgeist competence is the treasure map to survival in the 21st century.

The transformation mystery between time, spirit, and world as a profession.

As a child, Kirstine Fratz was impressed by foreign cultures, by the way they lived, thought and believed. The half-Danish spent her childhood in New York and, fascinated by wandering back and forth between worlds, decided to study cultural science. She was impressed by the different concepts of ethics, meaning and success. Kirstine Fratz learned to approach the foreign and to understand the different. In the process, she became more and more aware of how her own cultural sphere was constantly in motion and was itself becoming different again and again.

The phenomenon of Zeitgeist moved into her research focus, which has the power to change and renew societies all the time. From then on, she dealt with the dynamics of how the new comes into the world and became a Zeitgeist researcher. With the statement that Zeitgeist is a temporary promise for a successful life, she created a guideline to understand and use cultural change more deeply.

After her studies in cultural science, Kirstine Fratz worked in the Hamburg Trend Büro, lived and did research in London, San Francisco, Paris and Marrakesh. She then further developed Zeitgeist research in cooperation with the trend agency Neogarde, had set up her own business in 2008, and became Germany’s first Zeitgeist expert.