Dr. Bodo Antonic makes a passionate plea for unleashing creativity by dismantling superfluous rules. Away with sprawling internal bureaucracy that keeps people from their core activities and the “fun of it”. Towards rules that have real relevance for employees and customers and whose number and quality are not oriented towards the maximum possible, but towards the minimum necessary.

Experience the “escape artist” in his eloquent lectures! You can expect: clear positions, rhetorical rapid fire, inspiring performance.

Lecture topics Bodo Antonic:

  • Freedom – the driving force of the future? Why we have to be adults and still remain value-creating and responsible with childlike creativity.
  • The unleashed organizationDogmas prevent (R)Evolution: Why we often equate the future with fear and how we can look into it freely and productively again by unleashing our creativity.
  • Leading in turbulent times: The art of not losing the successful leadership of a company even in stormy times and what this has to do with ships.

Lecture or workshop will be an experience for you and will be sustainable:

  • You are ready for a passionate plea for unleashing and freedom in thinking.
  • For you, freedom and tight rules of the game should no longer be in contradiction, but in flexible balance
  • You want to be inspired by a competent, spirited speaker for real innovation

The successful manager studied chemistry, physics and business administration and earned his doctorate (Dr. rer. nat.) In his role as interim manager, he supports companies in optimizing work processes and operational procedures. Bodo Antonic enthusiastically contributes to the unleashing of organizations by identifying outdated structures, obstructive dogmas and superfluous rules of the game and, if necessary, abolishing them altogether. His credo is: “Against the concrete in your head – Don’t be afraid of change!”

In addition to his research and work as a manager, the passionate apnea diver and owner of a marketing and sales consultancy holds a teaching position in corporate management, sales management and innovation management. As a rousing speaker, jack-of-all-trades Bodo Antonic shows innovative ways to debunk dogma – and how to “unleash” and modify the possibilities of your business by doing away with the rules of the game.

Like a common thread running through Dr. Bodo Antonic’s lectures is the message to pay the utmost attention to the inner urge for freedom, even at work.

The fascinating balance between freedom and rules is his secret recipe: The experienced manager does not question the fact that rules are fundamentally necessary. But which rules do companies really need, and which old habits do they urgently need to get rid of? With a lively mixture of humor and intellect, the “Rampensau” (self-disclosure) succeeds in encouraging the audience to break their own mental boundaries and to put aside their fear of the potential of new ideas.

In doing so, Dr. Bodo Antonic does not shy away from speaking unpleasant truths. But he always does so with such disarming honesty that participants are happy to follow his innovative proposals for solutions. The passion and enthusiasm with which he argues for building bridges between freedom and the rules of the game is infectious.

Eloquently and convincingly, the scientist and manager insists on admitting the idea of how much long-established structures can also slow down a company. After all, opportunities for creativity and free thinking create a working environment in which people are happy to play their part in the success of the company’s work. Bodo Antonić is convinced that solutions can only be found in the creative thinking process.

As an interim manager, the passionate thinker Dr. Bodo Antonic has experienced many a dogma trap in companies.

Using concrete examples, the straightforward speaker takes participants on a viable path to liberation from unnecessary shackles. Increased creativity then becomes possible: as a necessary competence that enables companies to be innovative and fit for the future.