Already during his studies of business administration in Marburg he accompanied the IPO of a company. During his dissertation in economics Hubertus Porschen founded two companies until 2010, one of which he sold in 2012 and the other is still managing partner. App-Arena GmbH is a global online marketplace for social media applications offering tools for digital lead generation and data analysis. He is also a partner in iConsultants GmbH, a consulting firm that advises companies on the digitization of business models. Since 2015, he has also headed the board of the business association “Die jungen Unternehmer”.

Dr. Hubertus Porschen is also active in teaching and was a lecturer at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. He regularly gives scientific lectures at the University of Cologne, Cologne Business School (CBS) or the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg (OVGU). Since 09/2015, Dr. Hubertus Porschen has been the elected Federal Chairman of the business association “Die Jungen Unternehmer (BJU)”, which is associated with the business association Die Familienunternehmer (ASU). In addition, he is a member of the German Digital Industry Association (BVDW) and a jury member for various start-up awards (e.g. Invention Gründerpreis der deutschen Familienunternehmenfür Startups).

Hubertus Porschen – Keynote Speaker on artificial intelligence, digitalization and innovation

Dr. Hubertus Porschen belongs to the new generation of speakers in German-speaking countries. His expertise: digitization and entrepreneurship. Its special plus: 100% practical relevance. In addition to the very high practical relevance of his professional environment, his voluntary activities and the associated close exchange with high-ranking politicians ensure that he is always at the very cutting edge of social, technologicaland entrepreneurialdevelopments. From impulse lectures and moderation to keynote speeches, lectures or seminars – on a small scale or with up to1000 listeners.

Keynote Speaker – AI & ChatGPT, Digitization and Entrepreneurship

Dr. Hubertus Porschen can sum up his knowledge and experience from his self-founded companies and his numerous consultancies in the digitization of business models. The topics range from marketing, innovation, digitisation, to entrepreneurship or education.

  • Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT
  • Digitalization: More courage and visions!
  • Entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Digitization and Leadership
  • Education of the future – How do we make our children fit for the challenges of the future?
  • The digital Tsunami

Artificial Intelligence & ChatGPT

AI is already having a significant impact on business processes. In this keynote by Hubertus Porschen on artificial intelligence and ChatGPT, they will gain a comprehensive understanding of AI and its potential applications. You will see how AI can be used in customer support and marketing and sales to create incredible efficiencies. Likewise, you will see how AI can be used to optimize and personalize strategic communications and content strategies. To do this, you’ll get a clear roadmap for implementing AI into your business and understand how it can give you a competitive advantage. You will understand the impact of AI on existing business models and how you can adapt your business models accordingly.

Digitization and Leadership

Digitization is changing everything. It is forcing all industries to disrupt, expand or change their own business model. Data is the new oil. In times of platforms and the sharing economy, material possessions are no longer as relevant as knowledge and know-how about customers, suppliers and processes. What do these digital transformation mechanisms mean for SMEs? How can entrepreneurs change the mindset in the company and in themselves? How can future generations help? Keynote speaker Dr. Hubertus Porschen will provide impetus and food for thought on these and other questions.

Politics & Associations

Dr. Hubertus Porschen has been federal chairman of DIE JUNGEN UNTERNEHMER since September 2015. Volunteering has presented him with great challenges and given him the opportunity to further develop his personalityand skills.
In the last two years he has met over 100 members of the federal and state parliaments. Dr. Hubertus Porschen’s close contact with politicians, the management of the association and the multitude of platforms for exchange enable him to incorporate political, cultural, entrepreneurial and social aspects equally into his impulses.

A strong voice for young Entrepreneurship

As Federal Chairman, Dr. Hubertus Porschen is committedto the digitisationof Germany. I have experience in setting up and managing companies, and in recent years I have also dealt with many family businesses of very different sizes by advising companies on the digitisation of business models. Through my commitment in the other associations and from personal conversations, I therefore know what moves the entrepreneurs – the young, but also the older ones.

Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops

You can book Dr. Hubertus Porschen for keynotes, lectures, day events and intensive seminars. Various practical modules are adapted to your individual requirements. Enrich your event with a “Digital Native” that presents its topics interestingly, entertainingly and always with reference to practice and with passion.

Current lecture titles by Hubertus Porschen

  • Artificial Intelligence & Chat GPT – Your Game-Changer! Unleash the potential of artificial intelligence for your business
  • “Digital transformation”: the digital tsunami is yet to come !
  • Next Generation: new thinking for business
  • Digitalization: transforming business models through digitalization
  • Digital Leadership: how digitalization influences leadership culture in companies
  • What Aunt Emma can learn from Aunt Amazon: from Big Data to Smart Data
  • Digital disruption: how innovations are changing our world
  • Digitalization in small and medium-sized enterprises: opportunities and risks
  • Digitalization and sales in the banking industry
  • The Yin-Yang Entrepreneur
  • Enterprise Future: Transformation Meets Tradition
  • Education of the future – How do we make our children fit for the challenges of the future?
  • Social Media :Sales 4.0 and Online Marketing: Winning and Retaining Customers!