Entrepreneur, Expert in Sustainability, Climate Change & Mobility

Amir Roughani holds a degree in industrial engineering (FH), specializing in environmental management. Born in Iran in 1975, Amir Roughani came to Berlin as an 11-year-old during the Iran-Iraq war. There he spent his youth in a dormitory.

At the age of 27, Amir Roughani founded today’s VISPIRON group of companies in Garching near Munich, which currently employs around 500 people in the technology sector. The company provides solutions and services in the areas of Future ENERGY and Future MOBILITY for over 300 customers worldwide. Annual sales of around EUR 50 million are increasingly generated from renewable energies, which provide green electricity for around 50,000 people.

Amir Roughani Presentation Topics

Green Disruption – The green revolution is here to stay
Climate change is about the survival of the planet, but for most people the solution is a regulatory policy task. At the same time, scientific progress is causing exponential change at a breathtaking pace, even in the automotive and energy sectors. Meanwhile, faster than regulation is keeping up. While doubling of the present has also occurred in the past – for example, the spread of an automobile or oil production followed exponential curves at times – Moore’s Law is changing the world faster and more sustainably than any previous doubling. The mobility and energy sectors play a major role in climate change and are in the midst of exponential development. This talk will help apply the exponential function to the mobility and energy world and better understand an exponentially changing world.

How do I make my company a “great place to work”?
What you can learn from “excellent” employers….Talk with Armir Roughani.

In 1987, he came to Berlin as an unaccompanied 11-year-old and spent his youth in a student home. At 27, he founded the VISPIRON group of companies, which today employs around 600 people in the technology sector. Amir was named Entrepreneur of the Year (EY) in 2014. Capital magazine ranks him among Germany’s top 40 talents in the field of business. He is on the SME Advisory Board of the German Federal Minister of Economics. His group of companies has been named “Germany’s best employer” several times. The serial entrepreneur is committed to climate protection and supports various social projects.

Sustainability and change – do they go together?
The business perspective. For many companies & entrepreneurs, sustainability is a popular term. Almost in every context the term is used with pleasure. However, sustainability in its true sense is misused consciously or unconsciously. It does not matter, for example, whether the sustainable profit increase was generated with arms sales, child labor or environmental pollution. The majority also feel that environmental and social standards inhibit growth, result in competitive disadvantages and are associated with high costs. In this context, integrated sustainability in the business model offers many perspectives. The presentation not only expands on the factors for long-term entrepreneurial success, it also shows concretely how you can make a change in yourself and in your company.

Amir Roughani is convinced that with them also more peace, justice and local value creation for the people is achieved. In his view, economic growth must be based on sustainable foundations, otherwise it will end in an ecological and economic dead end.