Expert for Motivation and Leadership. Director of Business Theatre

Frederik Malsy (1980) is a professional actor for improvisation and Business Theatre, Facilitator (Host) and speaker.

The whole World is a stage

Inspiration instead of Irritation: Be more succesful with the Power of Improvisation

In this inspiring KeyNote you will discover how you can survive in an ever-changing world. Entertaining, innovative and different from everything you have experienced so far: Frederik Malsy, professional actor for improvisation and speaker, guides you in the world of improvisation. Highly energetic, witty and with an intelligent sense of humor, he demonstrates on stage how you can transfer the ideas, techniques and attitudes of improvisation to have more succes in Business and in Life.
In life, we are used to plan and structure everything we do and we are used to prepare everything in detail. Unfortunately, sometimes things go different and unexpected. Then, we need the ability to improvise and to deal with the unexpected in a productive way.

Life is a big – Improve theatre performance and we also should expect the unexpected.

In this KeyNote, you will experience how you can communicate with more fun in an open manner, how you can apply more inspiration, motivation and flexibility in your job and private life and how you can deal with change. You learn, how to make smarter choices and see opportunities when others get stressed. You will discover, how the fundamentals of improvisation will enrich your life – practical, convertable, applicable.

Entertainment of an award-winning improv-actor and the knowledge of an award-winning entrepreneur and speaker: Frederik Malsy demonstrates, how it works.

He is artistic director and manager of the professional improv theatre “Für Garderobe keine Haftung” ( and responsible for a multitude of projects (interactive Whodunit “Krimi-Spektakel”, Improv-Summer in Wiesbaden “Impro-Theater-Sommer” etc.). As an actor, he is experienced in improv for now 19 years, founding his own ensemble “FGKH” in 2000.

Approx. a third of DAX enterprises (and many more) are his clients. Frederik Malsy has won a multitude of awards for acting and improvising. Furthermore, he is the Winner of the Award of the Scherer Academy Speaker Slam in Waldorf Astoria, New York, elected by an international jury.

As an actor, facilitator and speaker, he is on stage on about 150 days per year and inspires people with his energy, his attitude and his improvisation.