Chris Brow is made for the stage. As a presenter, entertainer & performer, he creates a unique connection between the audience in the hall and the guests on stage with professionalism and humour.

The son of a German saleswoman and a US soldier, Chris Brow grew up in Germany and the United States of America. From an early age, he learnt about both school systems and how to mediate between the cultures. So it was only natural that at the age of 8 he had the great career ambition of one day becoming a “German U.S. President”.

Chris always wanted to make a difference and he loved making a big entrance. 15 years later, he didn’t go into politics, but he did complete an apprenticeship as an event manager at a Düsseldorf event agency.

Shortly afterwards, he realised: “I’m going my own way.” So Chris started out on his own as a freelance presenter.

U.S. President then became someone else … because Chris prefers to move the masses differently.
In addition to his job as a presenter for events and TV, Chris is a regular member of the successful band “Fresh Music Live” and supports them as a rapper at home and abroad.

Chris Brow – Presenter for live and online events, trade fairs, TV and interviews

Give your event a face. Chris Brow manages to establish a connection between the audience and the stage in a professional, authentic and entertaining way. Not only as a presenter, but also with a full band. 15 years of experience, around 1000 appearances all over the world and an extensive repertoire of urban classics, party hip hop & RnB songs in this combination – moderation & entertainment – are a solid foundation for energetic events and performances.

Thanks to his distinct empathy, that “certain something”, his sense of humour and the constant joy of entertainment, he was able to make a name for himself with international clients within just a few years.

As a “native German and English speaker” and thanks to his multinational background, he is able to present products and messages in both languages in an authentic and lively way.

“There are many presenters out there who speak better than me, who are more elegant, funnier or more eloquent. But there is hardly anyone who is as passionate about this job as I am. Hardly anyone who takes to the stage with more joy and passion – whether in front of 10 or 10,000 people! Give me a microphone and I’ll give you entertainment.”

Excerpt from his previous live performances, stage and trade fair moderations:

The Voice of Germany Live in Concert Arena Tour 2012 / 2013
o2 various moderation 2012 – 2014
PANASONIC various moderations 2012 – 2014
VW presentation various events 2011 – 2019
BMW Presentation of various events 2007 – 2019
SIEMENS various presentations 2014 -2019
BMW-i Presentation of various events 2013 -2017
TELEKOM Presentation of various events 2008 – 2019
SEAT various presentations 2015 – 2019
PORSCHE various presentations 2018 – 2019
CONTINENTAL / CONTITECH Presentation of various events 2015-2019
TRUMPF various presentations 2017 – 2018
WIRECARD Presentation Exhange Day 2019
KION moderation kick-off event 2019
TUDOR Interview with David Beckham 2019
YAMAHA various presentations 2017 – 2019
RAFFAELLO various presentations 2016 – 2019
IFA moderation opening gala 2019

TV / IPTV / Interview

INLIFE TV Lifestyle Magazine (Austria)
MOTORVISION TV car magazine “Streetwise – Car Magazine” on SKY 2011
MINI presentation of various image films since 2008 (English)
BMW and BMW-i Presentation of various image and product films since 2007 (English)
World Trade Centre TV Presentation of the ‘World Trade Center TV Magazine’ (2008)
CONTINENTAL The’Garage’ Youtube Series 2016-2019