Bruder Paulus Terwitte (born 1959) has been in the Capuchin Order for over 40 years. A native of Westphalia, he has long held managerial positions and is currently a foundation board member. For more than 20 years he has been active in business, society and politics as a personal consultant and crisis coach. Trained in prayer and meditation, familiar with philosophy and theology, purified in the fire of the church crisis, the book author and longtime TV presenter lays his fingers on the pain points of teamwork, the company and society with quick-wittedness and original cheerfulness.

Bruder Paulus currently lives in the Capuchin monastery Liebfrauen in Frankfurt am Main and will move to Munich in the summer of 2023. He is active in the city center as the executive director of the Franziskustreff Foundation and as a pastor. For his work on behalf of the homeless, the Capuchin was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit by German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier in 2019.

Bruder Paulus Terwitte Lecture topics

  • Priceless – What do values that do not count
  • And now? – Ethics in practice: How much value can it be?
  • Old springs, fresh water – What makes us more alive
  • The need for reverence – How it inhibits and what tames it
  • Dreamtime – How we can pause more creatively
  • Soul heritage – How we can move forward more unencumbered
  • And what is your god called? – Why monks are happily tolerant

Bruder Paulus likes to enter thought buildings from a side which nobody has discovered yet. He speaks unagitatedly to people involved in knowledge management about the dangers of wanting to know and cites: Bible texts! As a manager in the name of the Lord, he is familiar with the ups and downs of self-management as well as with those of managing structures in teams and organizations.