These are Loredana Meduri and Alessandro Spanu. The interaction of the two moved and fascinated with their innovative style. The competence and personality of the duo is characterized by many years of practical experience in sales & marketing, customer service and communication in the automotive and financial industry. Its clients include small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. They are active worldwide and inspire people for change and for more confidence in the future.

Be you. The dolce vita strategy.

With passion to success.

Serenity: How to bring your serenity from your holiday to everyday life?
Passion: How to discover your passion and make it to your vocation?
Success: How to use the Dolce Vita strategy to make the best out of every situation.

Your benefit:

  • Increase sovereignty and resilience
  • Enjoy more the job and the success
  • Improve live and work Quality

Be wow. Different or unique?

Customer enthusiasm just different.

Customer profiling: How do you recognize and understand your customer needs?
Customer Loyalty: How to use the PISA-Strategy to bind your Customers?
Customer Enthusiasm: How to make a big difference with small things?

Your benefit:

  • Increase Customer loyalty
  • Convert your customers in multiplicator
  • Enthusiast and fascinate your customers

Be open. Digital Readiness.

Ready for the future with a flexible mind-set.

New Work: How to recognize the great opportunities of the new work?
Innovation: How to pursue pioneering paths with innovation and tradition?
Digital and emotional power: How to look to the future with a good feeling?

Your benefit:

  • Less fear and resistance
  • More courage and trust in your abilities
  • Feel good with digital Transformation

Be good. Focus on the good things.

Implement Change & Transformation.

Change: How you can transform a change process with openness and curiosity?
Top Performance: How you can achieve top performance in your team using appreciation?
Focus: How you focus on the strength and you encourage people to do new things?

Your benefit:

  • Increase employee satisfaction
  • Inspire Leadership for transformation
  • Achieve goals and new challenges

Unique and competent

  • Background in international economics
  • Has been active in business for more than 20 years
  • Versatile industry expertise (banking, automotive, gastronomy, mechanical engineering)
  • Expertise in sales & marketing, risk management, service- und customer relationship management
  • Multlingual communication in English, German and Italian
  • Keynotes, training, online training, consultance