Expert for Leadership, Human Ressources, Teams and Collaboration Models

Professor Benedikt Hackl is an expert for leadership, teams and collaboration models in the context of New Work.

With a strong aim to achieve a close integration of theory and practice, he has consulted for several industries on developing ways to manage the changing workforce and performance conditions on a route to organizational innovation. His leading questions are: How can we improve Creativ-Productivity, Organizational Agility and Individuality of working systems? How do we reach a higher rate of strategic implementation and how do we raise our innovation rate in a shorter period of time?

Possessing both a wide range of theoretical and practical experience, he worked as a manager in renowned companies for several years before joining the Baden-Wuerttemberg University as a professor for Strategic Management and HR.

As a renowned book-author, he regularly publishes in the Harvard Business Manager, the Personalführung and Personalmagazin.

His focus areas of teaching are Strategic Management, Leadership and Human Resource Management. He holds a PhD from the University of Nuremberg and has studied Business and Social Sciences at the Universities of Bamberg, Budapest, Birmingham, IESE, Barcelona and Nuremberg.

His speeches and workshops are driven by emotions as well as deep-inside knowledge and reflections. He focuses the topics of a new Management-Agenda in the the New Work context, the future of HR-Management, the failure of the current leadership and performance management systems and the way, how teams and individual are pushed to high performance.