Choreographer, Entertainer & Moderator, Motivator, Coach & Personal Trainer

Detlef Soost: “Success is not a question of where you come from. It’s a question of motivation.”

If anyone knows how hard it is to keep pushing yourself as well as others, it’s Detlef Soost. Detlef’s childhood was always challenging – after being neglected for years by his sick mother, his home became a DDR orphanage. But he made it. He became Germany’s best-known choreographer, one of Germany’s best-known TV stars and a successful entrepreneur.

Detlef Soost’s story is anything but pure coincidence, and you don’t have to be a fan of Popstars, The Biggest Loser, Dance Star or the Big Celebrity Bake, etc., to appreciate this achievement. For 20 years, he has been the owner of D!’s Dance School in Berlin, as well licensing his own choreographies to partner dance schools across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. But what is perhaps most important: In light all of this success, Detlef Soost has remained approachable and true to his roots. In his seminars and presentations, he talks about what it took to achieve all of this, and how to motivate himself daily. Book Detlef Soost as Speaker Motivation & Success.

Benefit from Detlef Soost’s experiences, his energy, and his positive attitude towards life exemplified by his motto:

Only those who know their goals will find their way.”

Detlef Soost Lecture Topics

5 Steps to Success – Success is YOU!

  • How goals and visions can become the engines of success
  • Attitude beats talent – success is created in the mind
  • How to develop unimagined power by recognizing your hidden abilities
  • how to achieve your goals, no matter the context.
  • How defeats can be turned into successes
  • Hard work, hard play
  • Celebrate your wins and continue to fuel your personal growth

Dance & Fun

  • Make your team the pop star of your company
  • How to break boundaries in your team and unleash their true power
  • How to lead your team to peak performance with the choreography of success

Fit & Healthy for Life & Business

  • How to elevate your body and mind through simple rituals and achieve peak performance
  • How to eat healthy and energize yourself despite everyday obsticles
  • How to transform negative stress into positive energy with mindfulness and breathing
  • 10 minutes for you – How to achieve maximum physical & mental fitness and improve your performance with just 10 minutes a day

Nothing touches and motivates more than a true story well told.

It’s one thing to know something, but it’s another to have experienced something first hand. Detlef Soost knows how hard life can be and reflects on what helped him to conquer his inner daemons. With his story and his direct, honest way of telling it, Detlef Soost always succeeds in captivating and engaging with others.

Awakening team spirit, developing the desire to set new goals and learning how to achieve them -these are integral parts of the workshops. Detlef Soost picks up people, companies and your employees, pulls them off their chairs and brings their motivation to a new level.

“Teamwork without motivation is like dancing without music.” After all, fit and motivated employees are the basis for being successful together!