Expert in Leadership - Leading & Conducting.

Conducting in the figurative sense is everyday life for managers. With Raphael von Hoensbroech, executives experience the world of the conductor and his orchestra in the literal sense: The conductor is responsible for the performance and the result of his team, yet he does not participate operationally in the events: Because the conductor is the only musician who does not play a note. At the same time, he works with highly specialized experts whose craft he himself does not master. And orchestras are perfectly capable of playing together without a conductor. Beating time and giving cues is therefore not the core of his job.

Raphael von Hoensbroech – Lecture topics:

What companies can learn from orchestras
Visionary leadership, orchestrating change processes and providing orientation
Creative freedom for the team: Making music instead of playing notes

But what is it then? What is the role of the conductor in this constellation? How does he or she contribute to value creation? And what does it mean in a figurative sense to make music instead of playing notes? These are the overarching questions of Raphael von Hoensbroech’s lectures and workshops. The analogy of music helps to convey in an entertaining and at the same time very impressive and emotional way what good leadership can bring about in teams.

Raphael von Hoensbroech is the artistic director and managing director of the Konzerthaus Dortmund, one of the leading concert halls in Europe. After studying musicology, philosophy, and debt and copyright law, he first worked for eight years as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, where he gained insight into quite a few corporate and leadership cultures in the business world. He then went to the Konzerthaus Berlin in 2013 as managing director. He has lived in Dortmund with his family since 2018.

He was also active as a conductor and violinist for several years and therefore knows the topic of leadership from a musical perspective. For more than 10 years, he has been bringing together his insights from different worlds for leaders in workshops and lectures. In his workshops, he often works with leading orchestras, such as the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Munich Chamber Orchestra, the German Chamber Orchestra Berlin, the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and many others.