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Jonas Ridderstråle is a well-regarded international keynote speaker and remains at the forefront of management thinking, giving people the competence, confidence and courage to think, feel and do things differently.

Business-Philosopher Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle is one of the most influential and respected international business and management thinkers. He has written three successful books with Kjell A. Nordström and since his breakthrough remains a leader in his field. The research company Global Gurus has ranked him as one of the world’s top thirty management experts, placing him among the top five in Europe.

Jonas Ridderstråle Lecture Topics

  • Dream Big – Plan Less!
  • The new Business World – Re-energizing the Corporation
  • In Search of Excellence – The challenging Future
  • Leadership in a agile world – How leaders can find opportunites for growth

Our companies are drowning in information. Boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred and we are seeking the leaders of tomorrow. Jonas Ridderstråle writes and talks about the challenges companies and leaders face – and how the answer is to create a dream for your company. Dream big – plan less!

He is the management expert from the Stockholm School of Economics who has presented his thoughts all over the world. A frequent ‘go-to’ thinker for the world’s media, Jonas has appeared in everything from CNN’s Global Office to newspapers such as Fortune, Fast Company, Time, the Financial Times, the Times, Stern, Newsweek and Paris Match. He regularly features on lists of the world’s most influential business thinkers.

Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle is a speaker who really stands out – and having spent the last three decades developing people’s ability and confidence to think, feel and do things differently, he knows how to get your company to do the same. Jonas will give you the tools to build a fast-paced organization in an agile age where uncertainty provides opportunities for growth. Thousands of people, from Mumbai to San Francisco, have been enthralled by Jonas’s lively lectures, which combine academic rigor with imagination and humour.

Jonas Ridderstråle’s insights will help you to instil decisive action and emotional conviction into your company’s culture.

On stage, Jonas radiates confidence and humour. Grounded in his deep expertise he highlights the most important trends in business and society – but always with an unexpected twist.

Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle has written three books with his colleague Kjell A. Nordström. The first, Funky Business (1999), was a global phenomenon and guaranteed his success as a sought-after speaker. Their follow-up books, Karaoke Capitalism (2003) and Funky Business Forever (2007), further enhanced their reputations as leading management thinkers. Jonas has since written books such as Re-energizing the Corporation (2009) with Mark Wilcox and Fast/Forward (2017) with Julian Birkinshaw, Professor and Chair of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the London Business School.

Jonas Ridderstråle has an MBA and a PhD in international business and has been a visiting professor at several internationally-renowned business schools, including Ashridge in Great Britain and IE Business School in Spain. His research has been published in leading scientific journals and his ideas and work have received extensive worldwide media coverage.

When he is not on the road, Jonas is based in Stockholm, Sweden, where he lives with his wife and two children.