Leading with a Spark of Enthusiasm!

A wanderer between the worlds: Patrick D. Cowden, an American, has held various management positions at international companies in Germany for more than 25 years.

As a hands-on person, Patrick D. Cowden is quite familiar with the challenges and opportunities of the German management culture in global comparison. The unconventional manager, entrepeneur, author and lecturer at renowned universities (University of St. Gallen, Mannheim Business School, among others) exudes the enthusiastic energy and charisma of an American entertainer when he presents his ideas of great leadership. There is hardly a manager with more experience in so mamy company divisions.

After having emigrated to Germany at the age of 20 and climbed ranks from an Aircraft Refueling Operator to General Manager without a university education, who is at home both in IT and the Internet as well as in marketing, sales and content, Patrick D. Cowden knows how to manage people in day-to-day business and at the edge. His mission is an epitome of his biggest strength: leading and carrying people away with authenticity, candor and passion. Under the label “beyond leadership”, Cowden faces up to a big task: transforming the management culture in the upper echelons. His goal: achieving a management style that is built on courage and trust, respect and enjoyment.

Cowden’s presentations therefore focus on one thing: that special spark of enthusiasm.


  • Entrepreneur – in Leadership
  • Speaker – business speaker & Coach, motivator
  • Manager – at Deutsche Bank, Cap Gemini, EMC!, West LB, Bertelsmann, Dell, HITACHI, among others
  • Author – “Mein Boss, die Memme: Was läuft schief auf deutschen Chefetagen?” (Econ-Verlag, 2012)
  • Lecturer – at University of St. Gallen, Mannheim Business-School, University of Cologne, European Business School Oestrich-Winkel, among others

Patrick D. Cowden Lectures & Seminars

The Anti-Wimp:

Control freakishness, a focus on numbers, a lack of backbone – in his recently published book “My Boss, the Wimp”, Cowden describes what’s going wrong in the upper echelons of German companies. During his lectures, he describes how executives and employees are turned into real anti-wimps by transferring courage, candor and a sense of responsibility – for a management culture beyond costs and control.

Multicultural Leadership:

The workforces in German companies become increasingly heterogeneous in terms of culture and expectations. Cowden’s principle of success: combining the best management principles from different business cultures in the US, Germany and the Far East. For a new management style made in Germany.

Energized Leadership:

There is often one thing that lacks in German companies: the powerful energy of a joint spirit. Patrick D. Cowden shows how executives can turn themselves and their employees into a committed, self-confident and powerful team against all external and internal resistance, which moves forward with courage and a zest for action. Energized Leadership as a weapon against mediocrity and indifference.

Entrepreneur in Leadership:

Whether a Department Manager, Division Manager or Managing Director: Patrick D. Cowden believes that each manager has the opportunity to set his own goals with his team, develop his own vision and materialize innovations single-handedly. There is one thing in particular that executives need who do not want to end up drowning in mediocrity: business acumen coupled with the courage to fail.