Susanne Nickel is an expert in change management and innovative leadership.

Susanne Nickel gained her wealth of experience during her many years as a manager and consultant in both national and international companies and corporations – most recently as Head of HR at Haufe Akademie in Consulting. Since May 2018, she has been supporting Kienbaum as a Principal and Change Expert. She is a lawyer, business mediator and management consultant. For many years, she appeared on television as a press officer and legal expert and was known for explaining complex issues simply. Susanne Nickel teaches leadership at renowned universities and studied dance at the renowned Folkwang University with Pina Bausch. Like no one else, she unites supposed opposites such as creativity and structure, and she has an eye for the individual as well as for the entire system: important prerequisites for successful transformation.

Susanne Nickel Lecture topics

  • Change 4.0 – With innovation through the digital transformation

The great change from the old to the new world. I The popular sport of change: How to turn resistance into enthusiasm. The road to digital – how to succeed? | Managing the Uncertain: Ambi-what -ambidextry? | The psychology of change. Communication is everything – how much analog is necessary? Implementing Change Sustainably with Creative Tools. The Magic Word Co-Creation – Accelerating Processes, Inspiring Teams

  • Innovative leadership – everything agile and enthusiastic, or what?

New leadership concepts – everything agile and digital, or what? Ambidextry – the balancing act between stable and agile VUCA and Cha Cha Change – navigating safely despite uncertain times | What skills does the new world need? I How does change succeed in the mindset of employees? I Communication is everything – how much analog is necessary? I Co-creation: Making change fun!

  • Recruiting and Employer Branding: Finding and Retaining the Right Employees

Strategies for your employer brand with pull I New ways in recruiting – how to stand out I Candidate Experience: Optimal Talent Attraction please I The candidate is king – is he also a brand ambassador? I Talent Management: The Path to Top Performer. I What do talents really want?

  • Achieving goals. Enforcing them. Persevere. Take off!

Motivation 2go: Coach yourself, or no one else will | Start with the WHY ⁄ Change needs a goal | If you don’t have a vision, you should see a psychiatrist | Push through. Persevere. Push through! | Overcome resistance and keep at it | Go through the roof with the 3 D strategy

  • Movement and innovation: Stabilization and renewal in the crisis.

How do we get out of the valley of tears quickly? Are you driving innovation and growth in your business? Are you picking up people and getting them excited about new things? What kind of leadership do we need for stabilization and renewal to succeed? Do you also have your customers in focus?

Susanne Nickel has been in and out of almost all DAX 30 companies for many years. From change in mindset to successful implementation – the woman knows how necessary changes really succeed. Susanne Nickel lives what she teaches and has successfully mastered many changes both privately and professionally as a manager. In lectures and workshops she inspires her participants with many practical examples and her motivating as well as inspiring manner.

Susanne Nickel is used to being on big stages with big audiences. She inspires her audience and encourages them to think differently. She speaks from life and from the heart, full of passion, commitment and with many practical examples. This is how she succeeds in changing the audience’s perspective and creating a spirit of optimism.

Let’s change!