Your New Work Speaker

Dr. Daniel Hunold lives and breathes New Work. As a keynote speaker, he shows businesses, managers, and employees how to successfully implement New Work into everyday working life. His prizewinning and motivating manner will thrill you. In his keynotes, Dr. Hunold mainly talks about the difficult topics such as trust, communications, honesty, control, and intrinsic motivation – so that you and your business can profit from his experience and become more successful thanks to New Work.

Your Start-Up Founder

Besides being the New Work Speaker, Dr. Hunold as a graduated business economist has begun raising his own start-up Motiviert Studiert which mainly deals with New Learning. Thereby he shows strategies to help prepare students and graduates for the challenges of an agile working world. Or as German TV host Jörg Pilawa put it: „His students are in luck, as he knows how to learn anything.“ (ARD, Sept. 08, 2018) Moreover, the „Gesellschaft für Pädagogik, Information und Medien e.V. (GPI)“ awarded Dr. Hunold’s start-up with the „Comenius Siegel 2019“.

Your Author, YouTuber & Lecturer

His entertaining manner makes Dr. Hunold one of the most popular lecturers in Germany. In 2015, the University of Greifswald awarded him the annual Price for Outstanding Teaching. As a YouTube producer (26,000 followers), blogger (300,000 readers), author of several books and guest contributions to Stern Neon, Xing Insider, and Audimax, he has a lot to offer to generation XYZ: Preparing them for New Work – by teaching them New Learning.

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New Work – Are you ready for the Future?

New Work continues to be the megatrend in the working world. Agility, motivation, trust, personal fulfillment and creativity are qualities that want to be promoted by new ways of working. But what is the flight of fancy – and what can actually be achieved by transforming working conditions? And, most importantly: How can businesses benefit if executives grant their teams freedom and self-determination?
In this keynote, New Work Speaker Dr. Daniel Hunold offers practically relevant insights into the future of working. He can show you not only how to do it, but how to do it right.

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New Leadership – Are you still controlling or already trusting?

For decades, control was a legitimate way of monitoring simple and monotonous tasks. Nowadays, these are done by machines while employees are needed as problem solvers with the freedom to make their own decisions. Therefore, teams need their supervisors’ trust. However, especially executives fond of hierarchical structures are having a hard time fully accepting the methods of New Work. But if managers do not honestly embrace the new working world, agile working will fail.
This is the spot where the New Work Speaker picks up executives. Step by step, he shows a way of building lasting trust and replacing control by inspiration.