Expert in Sales, Marketing & Communication

Bruno Erni is the management shaman. His subjects are: “beyond of logic”. As a successful consultant and speaker, succeeds to touch the people in the heart, to identify opportunities, and to find solutions.

Erni began his professional career in the field of the largest insurance company of Switzerland. He built one of the most successful major agencies there in a very short time, implemented several large-scale projects and led over 20’000 personal coaching and customer conversations.

His inspirational speeches he offered for SMEs and large companies, are “beyond of logic”. Based on recent studies, he reveals the “power of thought» and proves why «joy of life with enthusiasm” for each company is essential for survival. New, unusual thinking, unconventional paths and amazing facts.

Since 2009, one Bruno Erni 100 trainers of the top excellent and President chapter Switzerland was elected in 2011 to the GSA (German Speakers Association). Bruno Erni is also a family man-with his three children, he enjoys every free minute.

His three most popular presentations:

  • Beyond logic – for sale
  • Beyond logic – communication
  • Beyond logic – motivation