Dr. Eva Elisa Schneider is a successful speaker and trainer. She has a huge expertise on mental health, as she holds a doctorate in psychology and is a licensed psychotherapist. She is a passionate ambassador for mental health and advocates for a modern working world in which mental health can be openly addressed.

Dr. Eva Elisa Schneider is considered one of the leading minds on the topic of mental health in Germany and is an always welcomed guest in podcasts, interviews and panel discussions.

While she was working as a psychotherapist, she quickly noticed that many people massively suffer from workplace-related stress. That’s why she began to advocate for a healthier workplace on a grand scale and is now working with well-known companies to strengthen employees’ mental health and promote employee well-being.

Her keynotes and workshops unveil her extensive experience from healthcare, science, and business. She inspires people to make mental health a priority and equips employees and leaders with practical tools. Her formats are entertaining, interactive, and always provide useful tools and food for thought.

Dr. Eva Elisa Schneider’s doctorate focused on psychological stress and she has published in well-known scientific journals. Most recently, she has been Head of Psychology in a healthtech company, where she led an international team of psychologists. On top of that, she is currently active as a mentor as well as a lecturer in psychology and psychotherapy at several universities.

Eva Elisa Schneider – Lecture topics

  • It’s now or never – why mental health is a must-have in our working culture

Mental illness are causing the longest sick absences in Germany and are the second most common reason for sick leave. Additional challenges such as resource scarcity, economic insecurity and skill shortage are having a huge impact on the wellbeing of employees and teams. Mental health is one of the greatest levers of our time – without a healthy workforce, every company is nothing. In this keynote, you will learn why mental health is a must-have for every organization if you want to build a modern workforce. You will also learn about the key role leaders play and how each and every individual can contribute to a mental health friendly working culture. You will get concrete tips on how to make a big difference at your workplace and how to put a stronger spotlight on your mental health in everyday life.

  • Safety first – how psychological safety makes the difference

Psychological safety is considered one of THE secret ingredients for successful teams. It is known as a prerequisite for true innovation & performance and thus crucial for companies to survive on the market. This keynote provides neuroscientific insights on safety and fear and will show you how to create psychological safety in your team. Dr. Eva Elisa Schneider will illustrate why we need to turn our inner thought patterns upside down to establish a progressive and modern error culture. On top of that, she will illuminate how psychological safety also promotes our mental wellbeing, because every one of us has a psyche that can be protected by a psychologically safe workplace.

  • Always On – mental health in the digital world

Nonstop availability, emails, messages, notifications: How can we maintain our focus in a digitally overloaded world? In this keynote, you will find out how we can resist digital distractions, manage our notification streams in a healthy way, and how to be more present in the offline world. You’ll learn why “digital hygiene” is essential to our mental wellbeing and why our cell phone is a productivity killer. Also, you’ll get new insights on why breaks & physical exercise are a key player for productivity and flow. You will see what leverages you towards getting into a deep working flow and look behind the neuroscientific underpinnings of flow & productivity. Dr. Eva Elisa Schneider will give you concrete tips on how to work more effectively in a digital setup and how we manage to switch on and off at the right time.

Dr. Eva Elisa Schneider is authentic, easy to talk to and embodies vibrant competence – this is exactly what makes her an inspiring personality who will stick in your mind.