Jannike Stöhr did what most people don’t dare (yet). She quit her HR job, and instead of heading directly into a new position or new career, she decided to test 30 jobs in order to find her true vocation. Over the course of her year-long experiment, she came to some startling conclusions about digitalization, occupation, and the meaning of life which she recorded in The Dream Job Experiment. In 2018, her second book “Ich bin so frei”, a guide to career change, was published by Jannike Stöhr together with Emilio Galli Zugaro.

Since then, her personal exploration has continued to inspire others to turn their passions and competencies into their own individualized future careers. She is now identifying (and testing) jobs of the future, from genetic engineer to AI therapist.

Jannike Stöhr wins her audience with authenticity, positivity and humor and is convinced that everyone has talents that – when used correctly – create sense and fulfillment. She gives impulses on how to find once own place within the world of work. She is sure that everyone can shape the future, which can sometimes unsettle people in times of change. Professionals and students of all sectors and career levels have the opportunity to better understand changes in the world of work and thus to master them with more composure and to use them to get to know oneself better.

Keynote Topics of Jannike Stöhr

  • Beautiful new world of work – What digitization means for employees
  • Jobs of the future – How our working world is changing
  • How not to be replaced by a robot
  • Generation Abundance – Who Am I When I Can Be Anything?
  • Jobhopper – findings from 30 jobs in one year
  • How to sustain your own professional satisfaction