Innovation Expert & Innovation Psychologist

Christoph Burkhardt – Mindset Future.

Christoph Burkhardt is Founder & CEO of OneLife Inc, a Silicon Valley think tank. He brings innovation strategies to companies around the world that have understood that innovation is part of daily business in the 21st century.The whiz kid when it comes to progress lives and works in Silicon Valley, in his adopted home of San Francisco, and is up close every day when breakthrough ideas emerge and conquer the world.

“Germany’s best innovation psychologist” writes Focus about Christoph Burkhardt. “Probably also the only one” says the innovation expert himself. For six years, Christoph Burkhardt has been helping companies around the world to fail professionally – and with great success.

Christoph Burkhardt presentation topics

  • Unlock Artificial Intelligence – Smart Technologies Used Smartly: How the next generation of smart technologies is revolutionizing our world
  • Unlock Innovation Excellence – Silicon Valley Lessons: How organizations are transforming themselves into hubs for innovation
  • Unlock Purpose-Driven Growth – from purpose to growth: how the right questions, not the answers, produce outstanding solutions and how you ask them
  • Unlock Organizational Intelligence – Diversity as the Basis for Innovation: Why Difference Makes the Difference for Innovation
  • Don’t Be A Robot – Seven Survival Strategies in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Why we need to stop behaving like robots if we don’t want to be replaced by them.
  • Future trends and what they mean.
    Without ifs and buts, but with hand and foot. How to develop products and services that turn your customers’ lives upside down.
  • The courage to take risks.
    Progress through mistakes = growth through innovation. How to help extraordinary ideas achieve a breakthrough without risking everything.
  • The myth of innovation.
    Talent was yesterday. What really lies behind disruptive ideas and how you can start revolutions that no one thinks are possible.

After studying psychology and economics in Heidelberg, Munich and London, Christoph Burkhardt has worked as an independent consultant and innovation researcher with companies such as Intel, Merck, Lufthansa, BMW and Siemens since graduating from the London School of Economics in 2010 and has taught at top universities across Europe. In his book “Breakthrough,” the future optimist explains why good ideas are no accident.

For his keynote on the evolution of ideas, the German Speakers Association honored him with the Newcomer Award in 2014. Since then, Christoph Burkhardt has enthralled thousands of listeners around the world and inspired them to embrace innovation and progress. As an economist, he knows how important innovation and growth are for an economy. As a psychologist, he also understands what it means to develop the courage to take risks and make complex decisions.

In his research projects, many of them in practice, Christoph Burkhardt has developed systems that optimize the generation, evaluation and implementation of innovative ideas and protect large companies in particular from decision paralysis.