Norman Alexander, the mentalist in the business world, recognises what others do not see. His highly developed powers of observation and a distinctive knowledge of human nature help him to analyse people and recognise their motives.

What is my counterpart thinking? Is he interested or doubtful? What are his wishes, problems and emotions? Is he trying to hide something from me, and if so, what? Norman Alexander knows the answers. From the perspective of a mentalist, he shows you how to recognise what others don’t see, how to win people over and convince them more easily and how to sell your ideas, products and services more successfully.

Norman Alexander Lecture topics

  • MIND EFFECT – The ability to create impact

Whether in marketing, the sales pitch, the pitch to investors or in a presentation in a team meeting, the following applies: You win if you push the right buttons.

As a MIND HACKER, Norman Alexander knows what people think, what makes them tick and what they want. Therefore, he shows in his presentation how you can achieve the greatest possible impact and gain influence.

  • MIND HAPPINESS – The ability to live happily and fulfillingly

Why are there people for whom everything just flies by, while others spend their lives searching in vain for happiness? Why do some people live their dreams while others only dream?

Norman Alexander shows why we often get in our own way and how you can change your thoughts with a simple trick to shape your reality according to your wishes. He sharpens your perception of life’s daily opportunities and motivates you to seize them. Throw your doubts overboard and tap into your full potential.

  • MIND HACKING – The ability to decode thoughts

If you want to be successful today, you need empathy and knowledge of human nature. An exciting insight into the techniques of mentalists and how you can use them effectively for your professional success.

  • MIND HACKING FOR SALES – Knowing what the customer is thinking

If you find out what is important to the customer, you will sell. An introductory course in MIND HACKING – How to increase your sales success from the mentalist’s point of view.

  • MIND HACKING FOR LEADERSHIP – Leadership is people leadership

How leaders use empathy to succeed with numbers and people.

Norman Alexander is an internationally sought-after top speaker who has been a guest with his lectures at numerous companies and business associations, such as Siemens, Liebherr, Allianz and many others.

His bestseller “MIND HACKING” was published by Econ Verlag in 2013. Due to its success, it was published in the Asian region by Crown Verlag in 2015. In 2016, he co-authored the book “Sales Code 55: Die Erfolgsgeheimnisse von Europas Verkäufer-Elite” (Sales Code 55: The Secrets of Success of Europe’s Sales Elite) by the renowned Club 55 – European Community of Experts in Marketing and Sales – of which he is himself a member.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Wirtschaftswoche, Capital and others have reported on Norman Alexander and the extraordinary topic of “MIND HACKING”.

Norman Alexander’s lectures can also be booked digitally as a live online keynote.