Expert for strategic communication, Art Director & Author

Frank Asmus is a studied director, top executive coach and author. He is an expert in leadership and strategic communication. His clients are corporate boards, CEOs, entrepreneurs, marketing and sales teams, but also top politicians, world-class researchers and Olympic champions.

Frank Asmus works for leading global brands, numerous DAX corporations, many hidden champions and well-known start-ups. He is the keynote coach in Europe and has developed over 300 keynotes in the last two years. With convincing pitch presentations, he succeeded in bringing the most important start-up investors to Germany. Focus called the expert for “leadership communication” the “master maker”. Frank Asmus studied directing at the famous Max Reinhardt Seminar, the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, was a student of Samy Molcho for four years and teaches as a communications expert at the Technical University of Berlin. Frank Asmus is a much-booked keynote speaker by top companies, who inspires every audience.

Frank Asmus lecture topics

IMPACT! How to convince yourself and others – The Power of Influence

  • How you can convince people professionally or privately
  • Why identification is more important than good arguments
  • How your success depends on the quality of your communication

FROM LEADING TO CONTROLLING – Principles of Leadership Communication

  • How to win employees for change
  • Understanding effective principles from Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.
  • “A leader acts through communication.” (Frank Asmus)

STEVE JOBS ON STAGE – World Class Strategic Communication

  • The most successful dramaturgy since antiquity
  • Stagings of the world’s most outstanding communicators
  • How your strategic communication becomes a masterpiece

Communication is the key to business and personal success. Frank Asmus knows what matters and which principles achieve outstanding results. In his keynotes, he takes his listeners into the boardrooms and to the most successful people of our time. He reveals why emotions count more than facts and why self-reflection is more important than self-promotion. His speeches uniquely combine modern success psychology with ancient wisdom, classical communication theory and current business knowledge in the age of digitalization.

Keynotes on masterful communication from a master of the stage.