Jeremy Denisty is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Imagin3 Studio, a forward-thinking digital innovation consulting firm.

He’s an accomplished author, a highly regarded keynote speaker, a trusted digital innovation advisor, and an expert in new technologies such as Web3 and AI. With a wealth of experience, he specializes in equipping businesses for the virtual economy, deciphering the evolving behaviors of the next generation of customers, and ensuring that brands stay relevant amidst a rapidly evolving societal and business landscape.

Jeremy Denisty Lecture Topics

  • GRASPING THE EXPONENTIAL POWER OF AI – Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformative technologies of our time, radically changing how we live and do business.

AI is transforming the fields of strategy, innovation, marketing, sales, and customer service, improving speed and productivity at every level of the organization. However, embracing AI is not just about investing in the technology. It’s about successfully embracing the Power Triangle of People, Processes, and Platforms in a responsible way.

  • THRIVING IN THE AGE OF THE VIRTUAL ECONOMY – There is a new generation waiting on our doorsteps, flourishing in virtual worlds and virtual communities. They think and act differently, from leisure to work and everything in between.

The third wave of the Internet is unfolding in front of our eyes, but what is it about and which opportunities will the emerging virtual economy create for businesses, governments & society at large? How do you win and create magic in a world accelerated by artificial intelligence, immersive virtual environments, and blockchain technologies?

  • BUILDING ENGAGED COMMUNITIES FOR GROWTH – The future of business lies in the “CLG”, the Community-Led Growth model, focused on community-centricity. 

By putting the needs and desires of the community first, businesses can foster greater engagement and loyalty, leading to sustainable growth in the long term.By taking inspiration from the most successful branded communities and our proprietary 5Cs of community-building, business leaders can implement the key elements of building a strong and vibrant community for their brands and projects.

More about Jeremy Denisty:

Having spent 10 years in the movie industry as an actor, he transferred his communication and people skills to lead businesses toward sustainable growth. In his current role, Jeremy supports clients in holistic business transformation, strategy, culture, and innovation. He champions the ‘Magic Triangle’ to create better EXPERIENCE, COMMUNITY, and LOYALTY for brands while upgrading the organization with the ‘Power Triangle’ of PEOPLE, PROCESS, and PLATFORM.

Jeremy Denisty has authored “The Virtual Economy” (2023), which is a comprehensive guide for leaders to thrive in the third age of the internet. He is also part of the team that authored “Metasystems”, which explores the strategies for building trust and partnerships to enhance growth, and “Corporate Venturing”, a book about how larger organizations can collaborate with and support startups to promote innovation.

Leveraging his deep expertise in working with ever-changing technology innovation cycles, Jeremy has been instrumental in ideating, strategizing, and implementing digital innovation projects for more than 150 clients across the EMEA region, including Chalhoub Group, Adidas, Dubai Future Foundation, Dubai Chambers, Majid Al Futtaim, TUMI, Trafalgar Luxury Group, GSK, Engie, and Level Shoes, helping them address the challenges of tomorrow.

Prior to this, Jeremy started his career in Sales and Marketing within the FMCG industry in Belgium, France, and the Netherlands, where he worked for Unilever, developing and implementing growth strategies.

A dynamic, highly informative, and extremely engaging keynote speaker, Jeremy regularly delivers keynotes for private organizations or public events, including the Dubai Assembly for Generative AI, GITEX, and the LEAP 2023 technology conference. His expert opinions have also been published across a wide range of top-tier media, including Economy Middle East, Khaleej Times, EuroNews, and Gulf Business, Entrepreneur, as well as on Forbes for his role in the 48 Hours in the Metaverse indie documentary.