Swiss television journalist & SRF correspondent, author

Luzia Tschirky has been reporting from Ukraine as a correspondent for Swiss radio and television since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression on February 24, 2022. Russia’s war of aggression on Ukraine suddenly changed everything in the Sargans native’s life.

Overnight, the correspondent became a war reporter. Tschirky herself describes this date as a turning point. From then on, she reported from the embattled regions, from war atrocities, flight and misery. She has now also written a book about this: “Live from Ukraine”.

Before the historically greatest event in recent European history, the journalist lived and worked in Moscow. From there, she traveled regularly throughout the former Soviet Union and produced lengthy reports, especially from Belarus, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Luzia Tschirky Lecture topics

  • Turning Times in Europe: War and Peace in Difficult Times
  • The Russia-Ukraine Conflict and the Implications for Europe and Switzerland
  • Electricity, gas and oil – Europe’s dependence and the consequences
  • The New World Order: Europe and the USA vs. China & Russia

Other lecture topics Luzia Tschirky can lecture and talk about Belarus (sometimes still called Belarus), Caucasus, Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh (including the current situation due to the war), Azerbaijan, Georgia, reporting from war zones and autocracies.

The state of emergency was regularly permanent during her work in crisis and war zones. She was awarded “Journalist of the Year 2022” and “Reporter of the Year 2023” for her work. From October 2023, Luzia Tschirky will take time out from her work as an SRF correspondent to work through the experiences of the past years in a book.

SRF reporter Luzia Tschirky brought the horror of Russia’s war of aggression into Swiss living rooms. When the situation became too dicey last year, SRF pulled its team. Tschirky, by now heavily pregnant, coordinated her crew in Ukraine from Warsaw from then on. In May 2023, Luzia Tschirky was named “Journalist of the Year 2022.”

The war continues to reverberate in her mind for a long time. But even far from the front, the fates in the embattled regions did not let her go. “Not a day goes by without thoughts of the people in Ukraine,” Luzia Tschirky admitted. At the beginning of August, after her maternity leave, she returned to the crisis area to join her regular team.