Jon Christoph Berndt: If you want to move people forward, you have to touch them.

Those who actively help shape the future know better what will be and what they are getting into; and help shape their own future. But where to start and what to do in a time with far too many opportunities?

Jon Christoph Berndt is the navigator in transformation. In his lectures and workshops he makes refreshing pleas to move forward now. Those who experience him stop talking only about “change” and “disruptive.” Instead, he knows exactly what it takes to be ready for the future. And gets going.

Jon Christoph Berndt Lecture topics

How customers become admirers – and companies become fit for the future

  • Insight: What customers and consumers want tomorrow
  • Aha: How the brand is the perfect host, from which people always want more
  • Security: How tomorrow’s success can be planned today

“Bestseller You”
Selling (yourself) better with human branding

  • Roadmap: How people become a high-profile attractional human brand
  • Benefits: How he lives and experiences it in an inspiring, sales-boosting way that is profitable for everyone
  • Success: How he uses it to do less to achieve more

“Relevance factor attention”.
How to get the attention you deserve in the digital age

  • Approach: How to act in a targeted and unagitated manner and score points precisely with this approach
  • Strategy: How to touch people with lived values in a contemporary way
  • Plan: How earned attention automatically leads to more sales and profits

“Rockstar Selling”.
Turn your brands into an experience and your customers into fans!

  • Challenge: What makes companies and their products irresistible today?
  • Solution: How to turn customers into fans with an inspiring content strategy.
  • Success: How the salesperson who is as convincing as he is persuasive sells easier, better, and more

Jon Christoph Berndt lives what he says: “If you want to move people, you have to touch them!” And he knows that everyone can, indeed must, contribute something to the best version of their future. He brings these convictions to the stage. To do this, he doesn’t speak to, but with his listeners – and makes them constructively concerned at eye level: “He means me!” Exactly, who else?

Jon Christoph Berndt does not give off-the-shelf lectures; after all, neither are his listeners. His conviction: “He who laughs, learns!” In a humorous way, he brings striking arguments for the new way of thinking and acting of agile, future-proof companies. With a focus on the people who – especially in digital times – have to be as enthusiastic as they are inspiring. Only those who feel, think and act in this way will be successful. It is then future-proof, has the distinguished face in the crowd and deservedly receives its share of what JCB calls “the hardest currency in the world”: genuine appreciative attention. Such companies and people are heard, make sense and sell better. JCB is making sure today that tomorrow will be the same.

Jon Christoph Berndt is a frequent media contributor and author of numerous non-fiction books and guidebooks. His specialty is live. He provides companies and their employees with more profile and marketing success with Brandamazing Managementberatungin Munich. He is a lecturer at the University of St. Gallen.