Storm-tested crisis manager & kitesurfer - leadership coach & interim manager

Lisa Eckhardt is an interim manager, leadership coach and passionate kitesurfer. Renowned companies such as Porsche, Audi and Deutsche Post call on the expert precisely when things get really stormy.

For more than 10 years, the business informatics graduate has accompanied companies on their successful way through small and large crises. Her keynote speeches are equally hard on the wind: Lisa Eckhardt is Nordic clear in her statements and exudes irrepressible motivation. Her desire to do is contagious. As a kitesurfer, she knows that the real fun only begins when others have long since stopped daring to enter the water. With a lot of experience, humanity and a Nordic twinkle in her eye

Lisa Eckhardt leads her audience through the crisis into the future.

Lisa Eckhardt lecture topics

  • Crisis Management Nordic style

Imagine you are far out at sea – there is no land in sight – and suddenly a steering line of your kite breaks! What do you do?

Many people would react in panic in this situation. Understandably so – because being helpless, without orientation and without a clear idea of what to do next is not a good feeling.

Employees feel the same way when their company unexpectedly finds itself in a crisis. Suddenly, uncertainty reigns at all levels. Disorientation. And for some people, perhaps even sheer fear. The result is reduced performance and declining employee motivation – the beginning of a downward spiral from which many a company has been unable to emerge.

As a passionate kitesurfer, Lisa Eckhardt is not only crisis-tested on the water, but also in business. In this presentation, the experienced crisis manager shows how your employees can skilfully weather the storm. A motivating lecture that takes away fear and gives your employees the courage they need to get your company back on track for the future.

  • Surfer-mindset for managers & employees

Did you know that management and extreme sports have a lot of parallels? Sure: Courage and willingness to take risks! But there is much more that we can learn from surfers in our everyday from surfers in everyday business life.

Because one thing is clear, we often cannot change the daily challenges, but we can change the way we deal with them. So open your mindset and get to know 6 essential factors that connect you with a surfer. They will help you achieve more ease in your daily business life and a more balanced leadership style.

In this inspiring as well as motivating presentation Lisa Eckhardt shows how you and your employees can manage to become a little bit better every day. As an experienced interim manager she gives valuable recommendations for action, shows new ways and inspires your audience with her extraordinary surfer style. A lecture for employees and managers who want to think outside the box!

  • Fresh wind through change

Water as hard as concrete. The gust caught me and threw me onto the water. It hurts like hell, it’s hard to breathe: Oh no, a rib is broken!

For kitesurfers, unpredictable changes are – unfortunately – normality. Starting with from constantly changing weather conditions to long lasting injuries – we constantly have to we constantly have to adapt without losing courage and motivation. This lecture is about this essential ability is the subject of this lecture.

Even for you as an entrepreneur, change can be challenging and often painful. In the fast-moving age of Corona and an ever accelerating digitalization, changes are the order of the day for companies. In this talk, Lisa Eckhardt takes you on a motivational change journey and draws parallels between extreme sports and management. She shows how we can use change to bring a breath of fresh air back into the minds of your employees and into your entire company. A motivating talk with great clarity and lots of laughs – also ideal for your customer event on the topic of change.

Lisa Eckhardt is clear, captivating, experienced. And thus ensures 100% enthusiasm. With every audience. Guaranteed.

Are you looking for a unique presentation that will motivate your employees and inspire your customers? Lisa Eckhardt’s presentations are refreshingly extraordinary. She inspires her audience with the valuable experiences of more than 10 years of top management expertise and amazes them with the relaxed style of a passionate kitesurfer.

Her lectures are packed with stormy experiences, trend-setting recommendations for action and decisive impulses on topics such as crisis management, change, courage, doer mentality, pragmatism and modern leadership.