CEO, Author & Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur on Leadership & Diversity

Bridgette Chambers, award-winning turnaround CEO, is the author of Amazon Best Seller, Profitable Problem Solving™.

Chambers is a keynote speaker that has motivated audiences large and small. She has shared the stage with Colin Powell, Lisa Leslie, Seth Godin, Michael Eisner, and other notable personal brands.

Bridgette’s ability to relate to an audience is unique. Why? Bridgette has story people can relate to – as a single parent she raised two children while building a career that started on the sales floor and took her past the glass ceiling to the corner office. Her story of personal disruption is inspiring.

Bridgette’s turnaround accomplishments have put her in the most difficult and dangerous places a business leader can imagine. Her entrepreneurial approach to insulating companies from failure resonates with entrepreneurs and business executives alike. Bridgette’s upbeat, bright approach is motivational and enjoyable. She regularly has high ratings and raving reviews from audience members.

The competitive Advantage of Intre-preneurs. Insulate against failure by empowering your best asset, your people

After an award-winning career focused on turning around troubled and underperforming companies, Bridgette has embarked on a mission to help businesses and their leadership insulate against failure and avoid the need to bring in a turnaround specialist. The strategies embedded in Bridgette’s best selling book, Profitable Problem Solving,empower the collective capabilities of the intre-preneurs that drive success for a company on every level. Are you ready to be motivated and inspired?

Bridgette introduces her highly effective approach to increasing collaboration, stimulating problem-solving when issues are still simple and inexpensive to fix, and nurture a thriving culture that can be a competitive advantage. For smart, entrepreneurial company leaders ready to build on their best asset, their people; Bridgette’s keynote is a must-have for your next employee meeting.

Key Highlights:

  • How to use the Six Profit Steps to create value and insulate your company from failure;
  • How to talk about the value you create like a CEO and gain support for key value initiatives;
  • How to empower your bestasset, your people, to generate competitive advantage.

Entrepreneurship, a Persistent State of Mind. The keys competencies you need to survive and thrive in your next entrepreneurial endeavor

Bridgette explores Entrepreneurship as a persistent state of mind and fuel for driving significant value creation and change within a company, industry, or community. Entrepreneurs learn to differentiate their ventures and insulate them from failure with key growth strategies, branding strategies, bootstrapping strategies. Bridgette will nurture the key competencies a successful entrepreneur must possess to manage sweat equity, suppliers, customer acquisition, product launch, liquidity, and assembling a scalable business model.

Key Highlights:

  • Build a brand your first client can trust;
  • Learn to survive your growth curve, building a sustainable, scalable business model;
  • Master the juggling act of liquidity and suppliers to stay alive.

Transformational Leadership, the Only Way Forward Using agile and situational leadership to build confidence, loyalty, and competitive advantage in difficult times

Change is ubiquitous and unforgiving to those who ignore what the future holds. Leaders and entrepreneurs learn how to get in front of the demand curve and lead during challenging and transformational times. Bridgette introduces a roadmap for leaders challenged to bring forth transformation, innovation, and continuous improvement. Leading when times are good is a very different challenge than leading when the building is on fire. Bridgette has lednumerous organizations through transformation and change over the past twenty years. In her exciting and motivating keynote, Bridgette shares her successful roadmap with corporate leaders and entrepreneurs designed to help them restore shortterm profitability, inject stability in your operation and culture, and plan for long-term growth.

Key Highlights:

  • Build a roadmap to restore short term profitability and manage your working capital;
  • Empower your people and generate stability with a culture of continuous improvement;
  • Architect a transformative strategy that drives long-term profitability and creates a platform for your legacy

Bridgette has been honored numerous times by the American Business Association with awards including Maverick of the Year, Turnaround Executive of the Year, and Female Executive of the Year. In 2013, Bridgette founded BGBC Marketing to put the knowledge and tools necessary to grow a business in the hands of entrepreneurs and small business leaders across the globe.

Bridgette’s accomplishments and her market perspective has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, CNBC, The Chicago Tribune, Bloomberg Business, InfoWorld, The Houston Chronicle, The Huffington Post, and many other publications.

Bridgette is perfect for any meeting focused on:

  • Leadership
  • Diversity & Empowerment
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Sales
  • Innovation
  • Human Capital Management & Talent Strategies
  • Transformation & Change Management
  • Turnaround and Problem Solving
  • Performance & Motivation