International moderator and speaker, expert for performance and impact, coach

Mireille has 20 years of TV and stage experience and a journalism degree. Her very first job was to interview Brad Pitt. Since then she has hosted 4 different TV shows, presented more than 1000 live events, interviewed many other Hollywood stars but also economic and political leaders all around the globe.

The fact that she can change with ease from English to German or French during a presentation, makes her high in demand with international companies like EY, SAP, Samsung, Credit Suisse and many more, who book her on a regular basis as a MC for their corporate events.

Following the request of her clients, Mireille started to share her public speaking skills as a coach and consultant. In her Event Speaking Academy Mireille even grooms her own competition by teaching how to become a successful MC and earn a good living on stage just like she does.

Mireille Jaton – world record speaker & stage expert

Mireille Jaton holds the 2019 world record in public speaking. She has won the International Speaker Slam in Munich – outshining 66 other speakers.

As a speaker she empowers her audience to make themselves heard: “Get your message out there. Speak and make an impact. So many talented people aren’t getting the success they deserve, only because they lack one skill: The ability to get people excited about their message, product or service. I can help them.”

Testimonials for Mireille Jaton

“I loved the way you introduced me!” – SEAL – Grammy winner 

“You light up the room.” – Hansjörg Wyss – Billionaire & Philanthropist 

“You are a bomb!” – Hermann Scherer – Business Speaker nr1 in Germany